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Tina Yragui, LMT, VMT and ICT

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    TRY C.C.T. formally Hands 4 Healing (Correcting Connective Tissue) opened its doors 2007, and receives 95% of its clients thro
ugh referrals and recurring clientele.  My specialty focuses on the root causes of chronic pain.  Most clients say they have tried just about every type of professional health care provider that they know of, so when they hear what I do they say, "why not give it a try".  With this in consideration, whether I'm working with someone for the first time or over several years, I treat each session as though I'm being interviewed for my position as your therapist.   

The key to understanding the simple yet complex behaviors of our movement is by leaning how all your body systems are working; to get a better understand of this takes a good foundation in scientific thinking.  For example, the striated muscles tissue features repeating functional unit which give us our range of motion, but it's the skeletal muscles, fibers, blood vessels, nerve fibers and connective tissue that allows the structural integrity of the muscle despite contractions. Each sarcomere which is a repeating unit composed of tubular muscle cells called myofibers.  These sarcomeres allow us to achieve defined angles and ranges of movement.   Lack of movement, sensation, and inflammation are big trauma injury identifiers.  Correcting the problem isn't usually where the pain is felt; because these pain areas are meant to keep you from harming in injured area further.   In order to resolve the painful area its mores important to find the location that you can't feel or the least sensitive.  By separating the sensation from the holding patterns, then all of your injuries will be exposed and then resolved. 

TRY C.C.T. is a small business working closely with other professionals such as Colon Hydro-therapists, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, Yoga instructors and other professionals to improve individual results. I am dedicated to high quality detailed therapy specializing in traumatic injuries.