Step By Step For Connecting To LakeShorePark-Public HotSpot

This Web Page is best viewed with Mozilla FireFox Broswer.

(1) Left Click on the Start Tab in Windows XP, Scroll, highlight and  double left click on Control Panel, click on Network connections icon.





(2) A box will pop-up showing all your internet connections.  Double left click your wireless connection icon.



(3) An icon showing two computers joined should briefly pop up saying enabled.  You will then see the same icon appear in your system tray with a red x on it.  Double Left Click on that icon and the following box should pop up.  When you see it point your mouse curser to LakeShore Park-Public HotSpot until it is highlighted, then point your mouse curser to the connect tab below and left click on it with your mouse.





(4) Open up your Web Browser.  You should see a Screen like the one below.  Click on the login text just above the ZoneCD image.





(5) After a 30-60 second delay (sorry, this is normal and nothing that I can do anything about), The Terms Of Usage Agreement Page Should Open Up.  Please carefully read the Terms of Usage Agreement.  Now, you can surf the net. 



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