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Methodological Mistakes and Econometric Consequences

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“Methodological Mistakes and Econometric Consequences,”International Econometric Review, Sep. 2012, Vol. 4, Issue 2, p.99-122.

ABSTRACT: Econometric Methodology is based on logical positivist principles. Since logical positivism has collapsed, it is necessary to re-think these foundations. We show that positivist methodology has led econometricians to a meaningless search for patterns in the data. An alternative methodology which relates observed patterns to real causal structures is proposed
Some of the references cited are collected on a webpage related to an earlier version presented at Cypress Conference. 

Real World Economic Review (RWER Blog Post about this article)


Also downloadable from journal website: International Econometric Review

To be published in International Econometric Review in September 2012
Copyright permission for Hoover figure attached below as Zaman.pdf. 
Version MMEC02.doc was the one submitted to IER> 

Paper Presented in Cypress:
Slides for talk are given below.
Paper is in draft form: MMEC01 in DROPBOX/Conferences/Cypress

NOTE: A short separate article on VAR models, STRUCTURAL VAR models and the possibility of using (indeed the necessity of using) Recursive Triangular systems, is essential. To not use Recursive Triangular systems is a specification ERROR in SVAR models. One could proceed by re-estimating SVAR's using triangular systems and showing how the impulse responses change to invalidate earlier analysis.

This idea has been done earlier -- citation to relevant article is contained in Zahid Asghar's work. ZA has been asked to follow up.

1.     References


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