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Dr.  Heidi Rosenberg.  Chemistry Tutor.

I am now located in Austin, Texas.  Tutoring also available online.  I have been a professional chemistry tutor since 2009.  I have taught lectures and labs in the Community College system.  

Why am I different from all other tutors?

While most tutors teach a range of subjects, I am unique in that I specialize only in chemistry. This is because my college education through the PhD level focused solely on chemistry, making it the subject I am most qualified to teach. In addition, I was educated in England where they employ a simpler and clearer way of explaining complex chemistry subjects; therefore, I can help you learn more quickly and understand difficult concepts more deeply. Your confidence and grades will increase dramatically with my help. I have been tutoring since 2009 in Arizona. It would be my pleasure to assist you in your success in chemistry.


My background.

Fall 2015 adjunct Faculty at St.  Edwards University (CHM2323)

2013-2015 adjunct Faculty at Mesa Community college.

Classes Taught CHM230LL Fall 2013, CHM151LL Spring 2014, CHM130 Fall 2014, CHM130LL Fall 2014, CHM230LL Fall 2014, CHM151LL Spring 2015.

Check out my student feedback on www.ratemyprofessor.com.

I earned my bachelor's degree in England, where I received the highest grade possible. Since I matriculated in pure chemistry, I studied the 3 branches of chemistry:  (O-chem {organic}, inorganic and physical) and biochemistry.


I also have a PhD in organic / medicinal chemistry from England. During the 4 years of earning my PhD, I tutored chemistry students at the college level. I have also been tutoring in the USA since 2009, both privately and through agencies.  I have CRLA tutoring certification.

As an enhancement to all of my tutoring students, I bring several years of real-life experience from doing research in both industry (Zeneca, Manchester UK, Oxford Diversity, near Oxford UK) and university settings (Arizona State Univeristy).


What courses do I tutor?

·       Any school-level chemistry (this includes AP, honors, IB etc)

·       Any level of general chemistry in college

·       Any organic chemistry college-level course – My specialty.

(I tend to have a much better understanding of this area than most tutors since I actually completed 6 semesters of organic chemistry as an undergraduate, as well as having organic chemistry as the subject for my PhD dissertation.) 

·       MCAT and DAT chemistry test preparation.  

(Since I have been writing questions for a course prep company, I have a deeper knowledge of the MCAT 2015 test.)

What style of tutoring do I use?
I adapt to suit the needs of my students I particularly enjoy getting back to the basics in both general and organic chemistry as these are the true building blocks on which to expand your knowledge. I love it when students suddenly grasp new concepts and everything clicks into place for them.


Examples of common topics.
Stoichiometry, gas laws, thermodynamics, chemical bonding and VSPER theory
acid/base chemistry, kinetics, equilibrium etc. 
Arrow pushing, nucleophilic and electrophilic addition. Carbonyl chemistry etc.

Where do I tutor?
For the first session I like to meet in a public place.  This way both myself and the student can make sure we are comfortable with each other.  To make sessions easier many students prefer to meet in a public location.  
I am now located in Austin.  Good libraries would be the westlake library or Laura Bush library.  There is a starbucks located on Bee Caves Road and Walsh Tarlton.  I also offer online tutoring. This uses a combination of technology including skype and online white board where we can both write.

My strength lies in the ability to break organic chemistry down into simple language and concepts. 

In a tutoring session, I explain topics and go over exams and homework. In addition, I am willing to answer questions via email in between regular sessions

Student Feedback

Please click on the link for student feedback.  (This will take you to an agency I work for)

Example of Notes

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Courses I have tutored

  • College
I also tutor Chemistry to college students (general and organic).  
  • CHM233 Organic Chemistry (CHM2323)
  • CHM234 Organic Chemistry
  • CHM235 Organic Chemistry
  • CHM151 general chemistry
  • CHM152 General chemistry II (CHM1412)
  • CHM130 Fundamentals 
  • Please note this list keeps growing.  Any other chemistry deviation in course code
  • High School 
I tutor Chemistry to high school students (this includes AP Chemistry, IB Chemistry and Honors Chemistry.

  • MCAT
I help student prepare for the chemistry section of the MCAT exam.  I have alot of knowldge of the 2015 MCAT

If you are interested please email me directly.   My name is Dr Heidi Rosenberg.   hidehi.rosenberg@gmail.com

If you are interested in  tutoring any other subjects please sign up  through AvidBrain or  Wyzant.com
If you are interested in online tutoring please use my link for Avidbrain or Wyzant .  I will recieve 95% in take home pay.
Avidbrain normally pays me 85%
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Avidbrain pays tutors between 70-90%.  95% if you refer your own students.  All tutors have to pass a background check both locally and nationally.  Avidbrain is an open system meaning all students are allowed to contact other students and tutors are allowed to contact other tutors.   This leads to tutors being able to recommend tutors for different subjects.

Wyzant pays tutors between 60-80%  Exception if you refer your own students.  Tutors have the option to undergo a back ground check.  Wyzant does not allow communication with other students.  It does not allow tutors to communicate with other tutors.

My Publications

http://www.rsc.org/pdf/perkidiv/perk002news.pdf  RSc carbohydrate bursary
Wellcome Trust Prize fellowship

Websites I like;


AvidBrain   A new marketplace style tutoring website

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