About the project
Arizona's College and Career Competencies is a
free professional development training series sponsored by the Arizona Department of Education in conjunction with the University of Kansas Research Collaboration.

Do your students have difficulty turning in homework; getting to school on time; focusing on academics during class; studying for tests; completing all aspects of projects; or managing their emotions? Self-Regulation instruction can help.

Do your students lack confidence in their abilities; think that they will always do as well or as poorly as they have done in the past; give up easily when they encounter obstacles; or simply feel that they cannot learn the course content or succeed in school, sports, or arts? Self-Efficacy instruction can help.

Do your students have difficulty expressing themselves in situations like asking for help when they don’t understand, sharing their opinions during group work, or standing up to their peers? Or do they react aggressively in certain situations, responding in demanding or hostile ways instead of expressing their thoughts or needs respectfully? Assertiveness instruction can help.

Arizona middle and high schools are welcome to participate in the Arizona College and Career Competency (AZ CCC) project. Participating schools will receive free, virtual* training and coaching for staff throughout the school year, focused on embedding instruction and practice of intrapersonal or interpersonal skills (e.g., self-efficacy: an individual’s perception about his or her capabilities to perform at an expected level, achieve goals, and complete moderately challenging tasks) in their classrooms/contexts.

AZ CCC helps build your school’s capacity to support social-emotional learning at a Tier 1 level (reaching all students); project staff will work with each participating school’s administration to create a customized plan for the year, which will include several on-site training and coaching visits to support school staff in learning and implementing strategies for competency specific instruction, as well as reflecting on and refining those efforts over time. AZ CCC offers a way to use the academic content you’re already teaching (or the interactions you’re already having with students as a counselor, administrator, etc.) to simultaneously support students’ development of social-emotional learning. This training and coaching structure supports educators to learn, practice, and receive feedback on instruction of research-based competencies integral to in-school and post-school success.

Please reach out to Research Collaboration (researchcollab@ku.edu) at the University of Kansas or Lisa Livesay (Lisa.Livesay@azed.gov) at the Arizona Department of Education with questions or to receive additional information.

College and Career Competency Framework Overview Video