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Welcome to Arizona Band Festival and Competition Results! The purpose of this site is to provide a historical archive of Arizona band festival results I have collected over the years as reported by ABODA (Arizona Band and Orchestra Director's Association), my own presence at these events or otherwise. This site is not affiliated with ABODA in any way. For the most current, official results, please visit

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11/23/2009 - All competition results to date have been posted (Including 1st Annual ABODA State Marching Band Championships!)

I have posted all known Arizona marching band competition results to date (2005 - 2009). I have yet to post all of the festival (Ratings shows) results.


11/23/2009 - Congratulations to the 1st Annual ABODA State Marching Band Champions and Participants!
See 2009 scores or results pages for full details.

10/15/2009 - ABODA to host the first Arizona State Marching Band Championship!

For the first time since Arizona competitive marching events were re-instated in 2005, the Arizona Band and Orchestra Director's Association is hosting the ABODA State Marching Band Championship! The event will be held on Saturday, November 14 2009 at Phoenix College. The top 30 bands who perform in the traditional ABODA State Marching Band Festival the weekend prior will qualify for the championship competition. Modern Woodmen of America will be sponsoring the event.


10/15/2009 - 61st Annual ASU Band Day to be full fledged marching band competition

Last year's 60th annual ASU Band Day festival joined a growing list of traditional band festivals that added a competitive portion to the show. Dubbed "The Sun Devil Showdown", the competition was featured in the evening following the traditional "ratings" portion in the morning. Featuring 15 bands from all across the state, The Sun Devil Showdown was one of the largest competitions in the state (see the results here).

This year the entire ASU Band Day will be a ranked competition. Featuring 25 bands from across the state, the Sun Devil Showdown is shaping up to be the largest ranked competition next to the ABODA State Marching Band Championship. The event will be held on Saturday, October 24 2009. The ASU Sund Devil Marching Band will also be performing in exhibition at the end of the show.

The even uses an independent scoring and judging system (non-ABODA) and will not be a qualifying event for the state festival.


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