This list is a work in progress, please bear with me...

- TTLG Forums. The official home of the Thief community on the web
- Thief the Circle . One of the oldest Thief sites on the Web. Many links are now dead, and it hasn't been updated in several years, but a great resource still
- Thief Missions. The ultimate archive of Thief Fan Missions
- The Keeper Library (archived). One of my favourite Thief fan lore sites. Download the whole thing on pdf here
- The Keeper Compound. Another wonderful fan lore site, beautifully designed
- Darkfate. The ultimate Fan mission guide, with screenshots and download links to every mission and latest news. In Russian
- Thief 2 X. The most ambitious Thief fan mission project to date. See for yourself
-The Thief Wiki. The ultimate resource of original Thief lore for taffers
- Darklurker. Another FM archive
- Taffer's Paradise. FM archive, T1, 2, 3, and Dark Mod.
- Targa's Thief Stuff. Great collection of FM resources
- The Dark Mod. A Thief inspired stealth game using the Doom 3 engine, and now standalone. An absolute masterpiece