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Helping you print barcodes is what we do. We've been writing and selling barcode software for almost 16 years now. And we love it. We even blog about bar codes.

Our software prints UPC barcodes, including ISBN-13 barcodes, Code 128 barcodes, Code 39 barcodes, Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes, and almost every other bar code symbology you'll ever want or need to make. Whether you're using Windows, OS X, Linux, UNIX, or chalk on a blackboard, we can help you create the best barcodes quickly and easily.

When you use our bar code software, you're using fonts. The same kind of TrueType fonts and Type 1 PostScript fonts that you use every day except these are symbol fonts that display and print barcodes. The key is to use the wizard utility or free sample code that comes with our fonts. The wizards and application plug-ins for things like Excel, Crystal Reports, and other applications take care of the start and stop bars, calculate any needed check digits, and map into our fonts' character set. All you need to know is that it's fast and simple.

Each of our products comes with lots and lots of free sample code in addition to our bundled wizard. And just in case you wondered, our technical support is free. Forever. If you're new to barcodes, take time to read The Barcode FAQ as well as our other white papers.

Most important, we want to help you make your own decisions. When you're ready, you can order online and immediately download your new product. Or feel free to consult with our experienced staff of certified barcode consultants.

Want to learn more? Read more about us as a company and as individuals. Better yet, read our loud-mouthed blog.

For more information, contact us at salesinfo at azalea dot com or 1.206.341.9500