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Fall Registration

Registration for our 2016 fall season is closed.

For a listing of our fees please click here.  Scholarships are available for those with limited financial means.  To apply for a scholarship click here, print the form and bring it along with the other required items listed in the registration process below to a registration event.

Players are placed in divisions based on their date of birth as of July 31st of each year.  Use the Age Guide to determine what division your child will play in.  It is preferred that all players play in the division designated by the Age Guide for the current Membership Year. However, it is the policy of the Region to allow some flexibility by allowing some players to “play up” one division with the approval of the Regional Commissioner.  See our Play Up Policy to determine if your child is eligible and the process to request and gain approval for your child to play up.

Registration for each age division will remain open until all available roster vacancies are filled.  Once you have determined what division your child will play in using the Age Guide click here to determine if additional vacancies remain for that division. 

Wait lists will be established for each age division as roster vacancies are filled.  The number of children we will be able to support will depend on the number of volunteers we have to coach, referee, etc.

Priority established as follows:

    1.  Children of ACTIVE volunteers

    2.  Completion of registration(including payment of fees)

Please remember.......AYSO runs on volunteer power!!!

AYSO’s volunteer foundation ensures that it’s all about what’s good for kids. It also makes AYSO very affordable.  AYSO operates in a business manner, but volunteers ensure its “profits” are happy, healthy kids playing a sport they can enjoy for life.  It only takes a few hours to become qualified as an introductory-level coach or referee.  To learn more about becoming a volunteer click here.


Please take the time to read our registration tips and follow the steps provided below.  Doing so will make the registration process much easier for both you and and our volunteers. 

Other useful information can be found using the Registration Links provided on this page.

To register your child:

1.  Submit your online application @ www.eayso.org. (When prompted for Region enter 894).

2.  Print your child and volunteer registration form (ensure eSignature is present;  if not click here) - new volunteers must appear in person at a registration event and present identification.
By Alabama law, the third page of your registration form ("concussion form") needs to be hand signed by the parent/guardian and athlete if able. 

3.  If you pay online using a credit card and are registering more than one child, please complete registration and payment in one login session or the system may not allow the multi-child discount. In that event, the Region will reimburse you for any over-payments. Once the online payment transaction is complete, you will receive an email stating that the payment was either processed successfully or declined. If declined please follow the instructions provided in the email. If the payment was confirmed please print a copy of that confirmation and bring it with you to one of the scheduled registration events. You may also pay the registration fees in person at one of the registration events by check, cash or money order.

4.  Print and and sign a Kid's Zone Pledge (for Kid's Zone Pledge in Spanish click here).

5.  If your child's age has not been previously verified (see lower right hand corner of page 1 on printed registration form, if DOB Verification is marked "Y" your child's date of birth has been verified) then obtain a copy of birth certificate or other legal proof of date of birth.

6.  Attend a registration event with all of the previous items. Please have the eAYSO login and password that was used to register your child(ren) available (in the event we need you to login and fix an issue) .

The following registration events are currently scheduled to provide an opportunity to complete your child's registration. All events will be held on Saturdays at Crosswinds Church, 8089 Wall Triana Hwy., Harvest, AL. 
  • July 9th, 10 am - 2 pm
  • July 23rd, 10 am - 2 pm
  • August 6th, 10 am - 2 pm

*  eAYSO does not send an email confirmation of an application, but parents do receive, via our merchant service company, confirmation that their credit card payment of the player fee was successful. The "Online payments" and "Print player forms" features ONLY become operative in eAYSO when an application has been correctly completed and filed. So, if you can see the option to pay the fee online and/or print a copy of your child's application, you know that you successfully filed the application. Upon receipt of payment, and once all required forms are received, the player is then registered by the region.

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