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Becoming a Referee

Here's all the steps to get certified as an AYSO Regional referee:
  1. Be at least 12 years old.
  2. If you are not already a registered volunteer, go to http://eayso.org, click on "Apply as a new adult volunteer" and fill out the form. When you finish you'll be assigned an AYSO ID.

  3. Go to http://aysotraining.org, enter your AYSO ID and last name, then click COURSES on the menu.

  4. Click on and complete the following courses:
    • Course R002 - Basic Referee Online Training (60 mins)
    • Course MT02 - AYSO's Safe Haven (required for all volunteers) ​(60 mins)
    • ​​AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness (required for all volunteers) ​(45 mins)
  5. Sign up for the Basic Referee Online Companion Course in our region (or a nearby region) by visiting http://eayso.org, login, click "Enroll to take a class". Set Section to "5", Area "C", Region "894", then click Search (leave Region as "all" to search all nearby regions).

  6. Attend the Basic Referee Companion Course you signed up for! You must have taken Course R002 - Basic Referee Online Training online before coming to this class! The class will be live in a classroom and with an exam at the end. The purpose of this class is to review and test the knowledge you should have obtained from the online training.
  7. Attend the pre-season field training session. This will be a couple of scrimmage games specifically for new referees to practice with experienced referees.

  8. Signup for an account on our referee scheduling system, Sportacus (http://sportac.us). Once you are verified, you will be able to self-assign for any games that work with your personal schedule.

It looks like a lot of training, but most volunteers complete all the requirements in around 6-8 hours and most of that is online instruction you can take on your own schedule.

You can take the online courses at any time, but must complete the Basic Referee Online course before attending the Basic Referee Online Companion course and taking the Referee Exam.

Contact the Regional Referee Administrator at ref@ayso894.net if you have any questions!