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U16/19 Program

The U16/U19 program is executed in conjunction with the fall and spring season primary program.  The purpose of the program is to explore different ways to attract and keep U-16/U-19 players in the AYSO program.

The program will continue to permit U-16/U-19 play to be conducted with greater flexibility by permitting the following:

  • More informal play
  • More games and less practices
  • Coed play
  • Providing different programs in U-16 and/or U-19 based on the ability of the participants to commit their time (e.g., a 10-hour program for those with more time and a four-hour program for those with less time).
  • Fixing game times on a regular basis to suit the working schedule and other commitments of the participants
  • More flexible player substitutions
  • Limitation of the play of any participant who is excessively violent and receives a red card during a game
  • Creation of a "traveling" team to participate in non-AYSO leagues but only where there are insufficient AYSO players to form a viable U-16 or U-19 league or a combined U-16/U-19 league within the region or area
  • Creation of a "select" team to play in USYSA, SAY or other tournaments
  • Creation of neighborhood or regional or area based teams to minimize the travel of the participants.

Free substitution is permitted in the U-16/U-19 Program, but only if it is handled in a manner which will ensure that every participant plays at least one half of every game by requiring a separate time monitor, independent of either team or coach, who checks each player in or out of the game.