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Becoming A Volunteer

It's About What's Good For The Kids

AYSO runs on volunteer power. There are 220,000 volunteers around the country making sure everyone plays! AYSO volunteers are mostly parents of current players, but also siblings, grandparents, parents of former players, neighbors and even active players themselves. AYSO volunteers give each child the precious gift of their time.

AYSO’s volunteer foundation ensures that it’s all about what’s good for kids. It also makes AYSO very affordable. AYSO operates in a business manner, but volunteers ensure its “profits” are happy, healthy kids playing a sport they can enjoy for life.

AYSO is a family experience. As an AYSO volunteer, a parent gets to participate with their child and teach the values of giving back to the community. Sometimes it's the whole family with parents, siblings and grandparents all getting in on the act

AYSO has developed special training that helps parents who may have little or no soccer experience quickly gain the age-appropriate knowledge and skills they need to be effective coaches and referees. It also has unique administrative and management training. This ensures that each program:

  • Abides by the AYSO philosophies
  • Offers a great AYSO experience
  • Continues to grow, offering the AYSO opportunity to more children

It only takes a few hours to become qualified as an introductory-level coach or referee.

AYSO training doesn’t stop as long as you’re having fun. Referees, coaches and administrators have clinics, workshops and other advanced training available to advance their skills.

Coaching and refereeing may be the most visible volunteer roles. but if you’re not able to commit even that much time, there are many small jobs you can help with. Even a couple of hours each season are an important contribution to your team and Region! Many volunteer roles require small amounts of time, but are very valuable to the kids. There is an AYSO volunteer opportunity for everyone.

Volunteering should be a fun and fulfilling experience for you. It's a chance to learn something new, or an opportunity to use the skills you already have. Start out by finding a position or task that interests you. If it's a little more of a time commitment than you can offer, find another parent who can share the responsibility.

If after looking at this list of AYSO volunteer jobs and tasks, you are still too busy to take on a volunteer position but want to help - ask around. Someone always needs help making copies, dropping off flyers to schools or manning a registration table for a couple of hours. There is always something you can offer to help your team or the Region.

Here are some roles that we need help with and their estimated time commitment.

15 Minutes A Week

  • Role: Team Check-in
  • Tasks: Make sure each team is properly attired, without jewelry, and ready to play 15 minutes before the game starts. This is as simple as telling your RC that you will check-in your team and the opposing team. This will only take a few minutes of your day during a time that you are already at the field.

4-6 Hours Per Season

  • Role: Team Parent
  • Tasks: Assist the coach by making the snack schedule, distributing the uniforms and making phone calls for picture day, schedule changes, rain-outs, etc. You can cut down that time commitment by working with another parent.

2 Hours Per Month

  • Role: Region Administrative Assistant
  • Tasks: Organize and schedule Regional meetings, take notes and produce minutes, track action items, and help keep Regional schedule up-to-date.
2 Hours Per Month
  • Role: Team Parent Coordinator
  • Tasks: Be the point person for team parents. Give team parents all the information they need on how to distribute uniforms and teach team parents how to best assist coaches. This is a perfect position for someone who has been a team parent before and would like to try their hand at some­thing new.

1 Hour Per Week

  • Role: Goal Maintenance
  • Tasks: Set up the goals before games and make sure the goals are safe and secure.

4 Hours Per Season

4-6 Hours Per Season

  • Role: Data Entry
  • Tasks: Assist the Registrar, Coach Administrator and Regional Commissioner with data entry, especially with entering player information during Registration.

2-4 Hours Per Registration Event

  • Role: Assistant Registrar
  • Tasks: Assist the Region Registrar with registering players and volunteers.

12 Hours Per Year

  • Role: Special Events Coordinator
  • Tasks: Plan special events such as AYSO Day and Opening Day ceremonies. Find a few friends and split up the tasks for the Special Events Coordinator, and each of you can take lead on a different event.

4 Hours Per Month

  • Role: Publicity Coordinator
  • Tasks: Serve as the Region's liaison to the media and school district. Design flyers for Registration, Opening Day and other special events. Distribute flyers to schools, supermarkets, doctor's offices, etc. Send press releases to local newspapers.

6 Hours Per Year

  • Role: Fundraising Committee Member
  • Tasks: Assist the chairperson in planning and implementing the fundraising activities.

2 Hours Per Week

  • Role: Newsletter Editor
  • Tasks: Collect stories and ideas from the Region Board. Write additional stories if necessary and layout newsletter. The time commitment can be cut down if you use a newsletter template (this can be found in Microsoft publisher or newsletter services such as Constant Contact), so whenever it's time for a new newsletter-all you have to do is drop in the information.

6 Hours Per Season

  • Role: Pre and Post Season Field Workers
  • Tasks: Help prepare the fields for the soccer season by assisting with the setup of equipment and field maintenance such as fertilization. Once the season ends, help take down equipment.

Volunteer Protection Act of 1997

This law grants immunity form certain types of prosecution for volunteers who meet its requirements. In order to receive full protection under the law, AYSO volunteers need three things.

  • They must be properly trained and certified.
  • They must be performing duties as laid out in a position description.
  • They must act within the scope of AYSO's Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.