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Region Board

Volunteer Leaders Help Create A Great AYSO Experience

Region 894 is led by a board of directors who help with strategy and implementation of creating a great soccer program for children. There are seven required board positions in the Region, but the board can include others to help with the process. If you are interested in serving in these important volunteer positions, step forward and speak with the Regional Commissioner today!

Required Region Board Positions

Regional Commissioner (RC)
Leads the Region and its board. The RC considers the needs of their community in providing a vibrant, growing Region ensuring as many players as possible get the AYSO experience. His/her role includes overseeing strategy, finances, volunteer recruitment, scheduling, policies and procedures, growth and most of all, making soccer fun for the players.

Plans and carries out the annual registration of all players including choosing sign-up locations, coordinating on-site and gathering applications and fees.

Handles the financial activity of the Region, and its paperwork, including registration collection and recording, savings, paying bills and deposits.

Safety Director
Applies safety requirements and oversees maintenance to all soccer equipment, nets, fields and facilities.

Regional Coach Administrator (RCA)
Leads the Region’s volunteer coaching program.

Regional Referee Administrator
Implements the AYSO National Referee Program at the Region level, including implementing training and development, certification and more.

Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)
Plans and implements the annual registration of all Region volunteers. They follow the guidelines of the Safe Haven® program including gathering applications for volunteer positions, screening applicants and upholding state laws that protect children.

Region 894 Board and Staff

Regional Commissioner
John Price
Assistant Regional Commissioner
Vacant (find out more)
Administrative Assistant
Vacant (find out more)
Registrar Tiffney Etzel
Treasurer Rebecca Hammer
Safety Director Rod Merritt
Coach Administrator Peter McCoy
Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)
Meagan Ottum
Referee Administrator Chris Boyer
Assistant Referee Administrator Aaron Luchini
Director of Referee Instruction Dowling Bowman
Director of Referee Assessment  
Douglas Vechinski
Regional Coach Trainer
Curtis Walker
Fields Manager David Kennedy
Equipment Manager Van Sullivan
Regional Buyer and Uniform Coordinator Beth Sullivan
Team Balance Coordinator
Dan Casey
VIP Program Coordinator Angela Southern
Regional Auditor Vacant (find out more)
Regional Trusted Data Manager/Webmaster
Rod Etzel
Team Parent Coordinator Vacant (find out more)
New Player Coordinator Vacant (find out more)
Youth Player Representative Vacant (find out more)
Publicity Coordinator Vacant (find out more)
Publicity Photographer Vacant (find out more)    
EXTRA Program Coordinator Vacant (find out more)    

Division Coordinators

Vacant Vacant
Vacant Vacant
U6 Coed
U5 Coed
How do I get to be on the board? Just raise your hand. Seriously, while our most pressing need is for coaches and referees there is a lot of behind the scenes work that gets done by the board. Things like keeping the fields in good shape, scheduling games and talking to school principals are all very important. Got ideas on how the region can be improved? Ever wonder why things are done in a certain way? Join the board and make a difference.