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Fields and Maps


Region 894 prohibits any pets at practices or games.

Did you know that AYSO 894 volunteers mow, fertilize, line, fill in holes, set up, take down, ant treat and maintain all of our playing fields?   Very little work is contracted out, so your AYSO costs can be kept down. With that in mind, please consider spending a few hours helping us with field maintenance.


Remember AYSO is here for your kids, so we need you to be here for us.   If you aren't already coaching or refereeing, please join the fields team. All areas of talent are welcome. We are looking for help managing each field location.  If you are interested in being a team lead please contact our Regional Commissioner.

Recent Field Announcements


 Region 894 (Monrovia) 
 Region 557 (Lincoln County, TN)  Region 773 (Hartselle - Groover Rd. Fields)
 Region 498 (Madison) 
 Region 914 (East Limestone)  Region 773 (Hartselle - Walker. Fields)
 Region 160 (Huntsville)  Region 778 (Arab)  Region 622 (Sand Rock)
1925 Sand Rock Ave.Sand Rock, AL 35983
Fields are beside/behind Sand Rock Town Hall
 Region 1174 (Hazel Green)  Region 414 (Cullman Heritage Park)  
   Region 414 (Cullman Ingle Park)  



Click here for the Practice Schedules.

Rod Etzel,
Oct 9, 2012, 2:09 PM