Detailed Volunteer Registration Instructions

Follow all of the following steps.

Register in WebYouthSoccer

WebYouthSoccer helps our region manage volunteers in ways that eAYSO cannot. However registering in both is critical -- WebYouthSoccer for regional job management (who is doing what) and eAYSO for secure background checks, insurance, liability, and tracking training.
  1. If you are a parent and registered players in WYS, you don't need to register again in WYS. Just login to pick volunteer assignments. If you have not yet registered in WYS:
    1. Click here to start WYS registration.
    2. Create a new account if needed.
    3. Skip registering any players.
    4. Pick your volunteer assignment(s).
    5. Continue to the end of the process (but you don't need to submit any payment - volunteering is free!) Please use your legal first and last name and put what people call you in the nickname field. Also please use your correct email address!

Register in eAYSO

The eAYSO system is totally separate from our local region management system called WebYouthSoccer (volunteers must be in both WebYouthSoccer and eAYSO).

Why eAYSO? Because:
  • Your children are precious and eAYSO ensures thorough background checks are done for all volunteers who work near your children.
  • AYSO needs your social security number and driver's license number to do background checks. This sensitive information is encrypted and tightly secured in eAYSO -- only a few professionals in AYSO's national office who do background checks have access to this information and most of the process is automated.
  • AYSO and your Region need to be able to contact volunteers with important information throughout the season.
  • eAYSO tracks your volunteer and training history so any AYSO program you happen to join can recognize the training you've completed.
  • The US Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 as well as AYSO insurance and legal resources can only protect you if you are a registered volunteer in AYSO.
To Register using eAYSO you must do ALL of the following (read carefully!):
  1. Please note that you need to register as a volunteer only ONCE per AYSO year. The AYSO year runs from August 1st to July 31st. If you are already registered for the current "member year", you need not register again. If you volunteered with a different region for the current member year but are now volunteering in our region, please contact and ask to get your volunteer record transferred to our region. If you are not already registered, please continue with these instructions.

  2. Get out your Driver License.

  3. Go to

  4. If you already have an eAYSO account
    • Log in
    • Choosing one of the following from the right hand column and follow its instructions:
      • Apply as a new adult volunteer
      • Apply as a continuing adult volunteer
      • Apply as a new youth volunteer
      • Apply as a continuing youth volunteer

  5. If you don't have an eAYSO account, create a new account by clicking the "I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer" button and follow the instructions. Do not register your kids in eAYSO as we use WebYouthSoccer for this. Make sure you record and remember your user name and password!!!

  6. Make sure you:
    • Specify the correct region -- we are Region 64 in West San Jose.
    • Use your exact legal name as it appears on your Driver License.
    • If you have a first name you commonly use, put it into the AKA/Nickname field.
    • Make sure your paper mail address, phone number, and email address are accurate. Otherwise you will create extra work for many other volunteers in our region. (!!!)
    • Finish the entire process all the way through to the very end. Don't close any windows or forms until you are brought back to the main menu. Read carefully.

  7. When your online registration is complete, print 1 paper copy of your registration form if you need to have it for in person or mail-in player registration. Region 64 now uses eSign so you need not sign the paper copy. Print or save an extra copy if you wish to keep one for your records.

  8. Attend an in-person registration event (bringing your printed application) or email a photo of your driver license to If you are younger than 18 and do not have a driver's license, just send an email to

  9. Wait a week or 2 until our CVPA has finished processing your application.

Issues that often occur:
  • You filled out a form in WebYouthSoccer but not eAYSO.
  • You filled out a volunteer application for a region other than Region 64.
  • You forgot to have your driver's license verified by a Region 64 official (see step 8 above).
  • Your name on your driver's license does not exactly match the name in eAYSO.
  • Your name in eAYSO does not match your name in WebYouthSoccer -- use the nick name field in both to specify what people normally call you. We need legal names in both systems so our records match.