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Volunteer Registration

All AYSO volunteers MUST register once per year (per school year) in AYSO's national system called eAYSO. This is for liability and insurance reasons. We want all our volunteers to be properly protected under AYSO's insurance and legal umbrella -- this protects you, our region, and most importantly our KIDS! AYSO does background checks on all of its volunteers.

All Region 64 volunteers must also have an account in WebYouthSoccer (WYS) so they can pick their volunteer assignment(s) and get other critical volunteer information. Note that WebYouthSoccer is completely separate from eAYSO -- see Systems.

Below are quick Volunteer Registration instructions. If you need detailed instructions, see Detailed Volunteer Registration Instructions.
  1. If you are a parent with registered players in WYS, you don't need to register again in WYS. Just login to pick volunteer assignments. If you have not yet registered as a volunteer in WYS:
    1. Click here to start WYS registration.
    2. Create a new account if needed.
    3. Skip registering any players.
    4. Pick your volunteer assignment(s).
    5. Continue to the end of the process (but you don't need to submit any payment).  Please use your legal first and last name and put what people call you in the nickname field. Also please use your correct email address!

  2. Apply as a volunteer in eAYSO by logging into http://eayso.org if you are not registered yet for the current school year.
    1. You will need your driver license and social security number.
    2. Choose one of the following from the right hand column and follow its instructions:
      • Apply as a new adult volunteer
      • Apply as a continuing adult volunteer
      • Apply as a new youth volunteer
      • Apply as a continuing youth volunteer
    3. Make sure you enter your name exactly as it appears on your driver license. Put what people call you in the nickname field.
    4. Make sure your email address is correct!
    5. Follow the instructions to the very end to electronically sign your application.
    6. If you are 18 or older, email a readable photo of your driver license to CVPA@ayso64.org or attend an in-person registration event.
    7. You will be a registered AYSO volunteer for the current member year after the CVPA accepts your application.
Once you have applied (or registered), please remember to take Safe Haven so we all can make sure our kids are kept safe.

Thank you for volunteering and thank you for finishing this process so that you, our kids, our region, and AYSO can be kept safe and well organized!