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Team Managers

SPRING 2016 TEAM MANAGER TRAINING is open to ALL parents! This is an important position in organizing the team for a smooth and fun season.To get prepared, please join us in one of the dates that works for you:

  • Sunday, March 13th 2:00pm to 3:00pm - Queensborough Pool, 1138 Miller Avenue San Jose

The AYSO Team Manager is a pivotal part of every team. They are the coach's assistant, cheerleader and traffic director all in one. These are things you will already be doing if your child is on the team, so take it one more step and help the entire team operate more smoothly!

There are several ways to help make your team run smoother. First is communication with your team coach. Second is to delegate the team jobs. Don't try to take them all on yourself! Lastly attend the Team Manager Training! If you have already attended the training once you do not need to attend again. Please check back to this page to make sure you have the most recent information below. Please refer to the calendar if you have any questions about dates and locations for the season.

All Region 64 Team Managers must:

Team Manager Information (click this link)

Team Manager Training Resources

Team Manager Training Resources

Team Manager Training Presentation  Team Manager Training Spring 2016

Team Manager's Roster Template. Click here.  Team Roster Template.xls

Need additional information please contact the Team Manager Coordinator at teammanagercoordinator@ayso64.org


  1. Team Managers Team Manager Flyer- Spring 2016 

  2. Serious incident (fighting) reporting form:

  3. Injury claim formhttp://ayso.org/resources/insurance/insurance_forms.aspx#sai  

  4. Sweatshirt Ordering (Fall Only) - See here.

  5. Team Banners
    1. Reuse a banner from a previous team (team names / colors often repeat themselves). This greatly reduces work, cost, and helps our environment!  We freecycle banners at our annual volunteer/coach/ref meeting each fall.
    2. Make your own banner, see How To Make An AYSO Team Banner
    3. If you must purchase, here are some options (consider omitting player/coach names so the banner can be reused rather than become trash):
  6. Send a reminder, click Reminder sample email
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