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Volunteer Aide

Volunteer Aides help the respective leader with phone calls to parents & other volunteers. They are key in getting parent volunteer attendance to their volunteer job.  Phone Skills are required.  Volunteer aides must read and have access to their email daily, have the ability to work with some items on the computer such as spreadsheets, documents and Web youth Soccer, our registration and volunteer database.

Here are the instructions:
Please call each worker and confirm them.
 25% will not come unless you call them. 
 25% will respond and confirm by email.
 25% will not come or have excuses. 
 25% will come but they will not rsvp by email. 
We do not know which one is which and we must have a firm count. 

You can get a current list in Web Youth Soccer.

Please go to www.ayso64.org and log into Web Youth Soccer in lower left corner.

When you log in you will see that you are the Leader listed for ________________

You are not really the leader but the AIDE confirming the workers.  Please Click on the BLUE hyperlinks to that job.
You will see the Jobs you are in control of; Click on the WORD "SHOW" to see the TASKS;
The TASK actually is the time slot that the workers are expected and the location.
If you click on the BLUE hyperlink number next to "currently" you will see the list of volunteers and their email and phone #.

Please help confirm them by contacting them.
After you contact them please update web youth soccer by clicking on the name of the volunteer. 
1) Delete if the volunteer is not registered
2) "complete" if you have contacted the volunteer and they WILL show up. (WE can change that TO NO SHOW if they don't show up)
3) "excused" only if they are a coach or referee but likely they are not.  Most volunteers are NOT excused.
4) leave as NOT complete if they have excuses and can't make it and need to be reassigned to another job.

Please let all volunteers know that the region runs on volunteers such as themselves and thank them! They each make a difference. Team placement is based on volunteers, with priority going to players with parent coaches, referees, team managers, board members, and regional volunteers.