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Other Volunteers

Our kids are counting on you!

Without volunteers, the AYSO program cannot happen. Volunteer parents and family members ensure the program is the best that it can be for your own kid -- because you want the best for them. Even if you cannot serve as one of our top volunteers as a Board Member, Referee, Coach, and/or Team Manager, there are still many other ways to help.

Here is a list of the other volunteer opportunities in our Region. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@ayso64.org if you want to sign up for one or more of these. Thanks!

Field Liner
Field Set Up
General Volunteer (On Call)
Goal Parents
Host Coordinator
Host - Exchange Player
Host - UK Coach
Initial Field Liner
Meeting Aide
Meeting Clean Up
Registration Computer Worker
Registration Worker
Tournament Worker
Trash Team
VIP Buddy
VIP Coach
VIP Goal Set Up
VIP Goal Take Down
VIP Volunteer Aide
Volunteer Aide: Coach Admin
Volunteer Aide: Field
Volunteer Aide: Initial Lining
Volunteer Aide: Registration
Volunteer Aide: Team Managers
Volunteer Aide: Tournament