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AYSO Region 64 Summer Fun Game Rules

Summer Fun Game Rules

 *** NO Registration (or Medical Wavier) and

No Shin Guards  - No Games  ***

  • Co-ed U10, U12, U14 and U16-U19 four games on four fields at Miller Middle School.

  • Two AYSO SafeHaven certified adults field coordinators will be in charge of the field

  • The Field Coordinators of each field will have the final authority.

  • Parents must sign in with the  field coordinators during drop off . 

  • There will be no coaches and no referees.

  • All players are expected to be respectful, play safe, fair and have fun.

  • Players must have shoes, shin guards, shorts, shirts and socks.

  • Teams will be formed from players who are on the field.

  • Teams must rearranged in every half-hour if a team is up by 3 goals.

  • There will be 5 to 7 mins break every half hour.

**********      No Jewelry               ***********

******* If you are an AYSO Safe Haven Certified Volunteer we need your help ****

****       No Adult Field Coordinators  - No Games       ****

NO Registration or Medical Waiver, No Shin Guards - No Games
(log in to and print out last Fl10 or Sp11 registration)