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Game Day Parent Volunteer Task

Thank you very much for volunteering. Adults volunteers are needed mainly for
observation and  in case of emergency. We are still learning and tuning the process
as we learn. However last few weeks what adult volunteers have been doing so far  
it seems to be working well and they are as follows:

(1) Coordinating players and parents to bring the goal post if it is not done yet

(2) Getting 2 team captains (normally asking who would like to volunteer as
     captains) for each hour.

(3) Captains will build teams by picking players (1 player at a time alternating with
     other team captain and also alternating girl-boy-girl (boy-girl-boy) till the last
     7th player. Last 6 players will be randomly divided three to each team.

(4) After the first hour (~11am) need two new captains and to build two new teams like above.

(5) During break after the first hour (~11am) need two parent volunteers to repaint the lines
     for the following week. If we do not repaint - when lines are completely gone - it is very
     painful and time-consuming (6hrs+) to remark the field.

(6) Any time any conflict occurs  - your decision will be final (so far it has been ok).

(7) Please make sure there are 5 mins water break in every half an hour.

(8) Please make sure
no parents should try to coach any players at any time.
For U14+ games we could have players from 12yrs to 18 yrs age boys and girls. Need to
remind players not to apply their maximum force when they are in contact with younger
players and should always think the safety of others.