Game Supervisor

The U5 Game Supervisor's duties are:
  1. Keep the U5 game going so kids have fun playing!
    • Don't worry too much about following all rules exactly, it is most important for the kids to play and have fun.
  2. Start the game with a kickoff:
    • Both teams start on their own half of the field.
    • Choose one team to get the ball first (usually the one that is wearing pinnies).
    • The team taking the kickoff can be within their half of the center circle.
    • The other team must be outside of the center circle.
    • Ball is placed on the center mark.
    • Ball may be kicked when the Game Supervisor blows a whistle.
  3. After a goal is scored:
    • Have the team that did not score have the ball for a kickoff as described in #2.
    • After a goal is the best time to rotate players who are playing with those waiting to play (subs)
  4. If a ball goes completely outside the line marking the edge of the field:
    • If the players have not been taught throw-ins, just have the Game Supervisor or a parent toss the ball back onto the field and continue play. It is very helpful to have parents stationed around the field to help with this.
    • If the players have been taught throw-ins, then the team that touched the ball last loses it and the ball goes to the other team to do a throw-in from the touch line (side of field) or goal kick from the goal line (end of field) depending on which line it crossed when it went out. Note that corner kicks are introduced at either the U6 or U8 level, don't worry about them for U5.
  5. If a player pushes, kicks, or hits another player or handles the ball with their hands (commits a foul):
    • Whistle to stop play (but keep #1 above in mind -- if they keep playing, just let them)
    • Give the other team the ball to kick and continue play.
  6. Use your whistle only at the following times:
    • At a kickoff to start play
    • To signal when you want play to stop
      • 1 whistle for ball going out or a foul
      • 2 whistles for half time
      • 3 whistles for end of game
    • Otherwise don't use your whistle (no whistle is needed to start a throw-in, goal kick, or free kick -- the kids just go when they are ready)
    • Whenever you use the whistle, blow it VERY LOUDLY! (Don't be shy!)
  7. Monitor playing time:
    • Try to ensure everyone gets roughly equal playing time.
    • Players should rotate in and out at any time that seems appropriate -- all parents can help with this.
    • After the first 10 minutes (or when the U5 Program Manager or Master Coach signals) stop for half time & a water break
    • After the second 10 minutes (or when the U5 Program Manager or Master Coach signals) end the game, it's time for snacks
  8. For more details please read the AYSO U5 Guidelines.