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AYSO Camps

Half and Full Day Soccer Camps for Kids Ages 5-14

Kid develop soccer skills, and and have fun over Spring Break and Summer Break.
All Camps held at Rainbow Park or Miller Middle School 6151 Rainbow Drive, San Jose, CA 95129




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Other Camp Information

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Here is the Emergency Waiver for UK Clinics; OR Parent Must attend for player to participate.

AYSO Community Day Camps create an environment that is fun and conducive to learning for all ages and levels of ability, and does it on the fields the kids already know and love.

With solid grounding in AYSO’s philosophies and coaching programs, AYSO Soccer Camps
work with kids on skills and activities appropriate to their age and skill level.

AYSO Soccer Camps are conducted by the best nationally and internationally qualified coaches recruited and trained by UK International Soccer Camps.

UK International is the only organization whose coaches, primarily from Great Britain, are safe haven
certified, AYSO Coach Instructors and trained in AYSO philosophies. Coaches are selected not only for their knowledge and their coaching ability, but also for their commitment to creating a fun, positive learning environment for the players. The result is a soccer camp experience players will remember for a lifetime.

The AYSO Soccer Camp curriculum has been developed by AYSO in conjunction with some of the highest-level camp trainers in the country, and is approved by AYSO National Coach John Ouellette.

All camp sessions are based on individual attention to ball skills, as well as fun games to put those skills into practice and develop teamwork. Players are encouraged to express themselves in order to develop confidence and individual creativity on the field.


The Advanced Training Camp is an intense program for the more experienced player who aspires to take their game to the next level. The program will incorporate professional coaching with educational seminars that will develop the players soccer knowledge on and off the field.

Coaching Content

Players will work against opponents of a similar ability which will create a stimulating and challenging environment. The type of coaching experienced during the camp week will replicate the training methods conducted by professional soccer academies in Britain.

Each day our professional coaches will work on the player's technical development within advanced coaching sessions. Key elements will be covered such as fakes and moves in order to beat an opponent, ground and aerial control, long and short range passing, crossing and finishing and shooting in and outside the penalty box.

The coaches will transfer the players technical proficiencies and apply them to tactical situations through carefully constructed phases of play. These game realistic scenarios will cover the importance of space awareness, responsibilities with and without the ball, principles of defending and attacking, speed of transition, and systems of play.

Educational Component: All players will receive a workbook as an educational tool to reinforce the sessions conducted at the program.

The educational side of this program gives the players a more rounded knowledge and understanding of the preparation required off the field. This information will enhance players performance on the field. These include:

Nutrition for Soccer

Players will understand the types of foods and fuels required to increase their performance and the correct use of sports drinks.

Sports Psychology

The themes covered include, developing positive attitudes, mental preparation dealing with sports anxiety, leadership and team-building.

Flexibility Training

Understanding and developing flexibility is an integral part of an athletes training and injury prevention program. The coaching staff will instruct the players on the importance of this component and give the players routines for flexibility and stretching in order to improve performance and avoid injury.

This program gives an intense insight into the demands of the game at the next level. It is aimed at those players who are currently more advanced and experienced.

In addition to the quality instruction, players will receive a camp shirt, an evaluation and workbook, a soccer ball and an educational gift.
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