After Registration

I’ve pre-registered online so now what happens?

Make sure you turn in all your paper work at a walk in registration or by mail! See the dates on our main Registration page (step 10).

This includes 2 copies of the player forms for each player, Kid Zone Pledge form, check for the proper amount, copy of birth certificate or passport (if new player in Region 64), and eAYSO volunteer forms with copies of drivers license. (If you registered in WebYouthSoccer as just a volunteer with no children, no paper is needed, we can handle this all electronically by emailing a digital photo of your drivers license to after you have registered as a volunteer in as well).

Immediately after the last registration date, your division managers begin the process of pairing coaches and putting the teams together for the upcoming season. Priority for placement on a team is based on the level of volunteerism. Coaches, Referees, Board Members are placed first. All other volunteers are placed on teams followed by non volunteers. The next item looked at for placement is the date registered followed by the availability of coaches and space available in the division.

The coaches meet for team balancing 2-4 weeks before the first game to obtain their rosters and plan their practices. Coaches have an opportunity to make trades at this point.


When do the players get called?

Coaches or Team Managers will call their players 2-4 weeks before the first game.  They will give you all the information you will need in regards to practice times and location. Each coach sets his/her own practice days, time and location

Please do not panic if you see teams practicing and your child has not been called. Not all teams begin practice at the same time. U8 do not usually start practice until 1-2 weeks before the first game.  U5 & U6 practice and play only on Saturday game days.

After 1-2 weeks before the first game, Go to the website, and log on to WebYouthSoccer.  If team information is not posted yet, you may email your assigned Division Manager:


U5 Boys and Girls: 

U6 Girls:                

U6 Boys:               

U8 Boys:                

U8 Girls:                 

U10 Boys:              

U12 Girls:               

U12 Boys:              

U14-19 Boys:          

U14 Girls:               

U16-19 Girls:          


After registration, if you log into Web Youth Soccer, the opening parent page lists your child as “registered: team formation pending”. If your child’s “status” states “not registered” or “pre-registered” you need to submit your forms as directed on our registration page.


What else does my child need to get ready for the season?

The registration fee includes: complete uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks), supplemental accident insurance, team and individual pictures and sweatshirt (only in the fall season).

In addition, you will need to obtain athletic shoes, shin guards, a soccer ball (size 3 for U5-U8, size 4 for U10 & U12, size 5 for U14 and up), and a reusable water bottle.

How often are practices and when are games?

U5-U6 Saturdays, 3v3,  Miller middle school, game time slots rotate 9:00, 10:15, 11:30, 12:45. There are no separate practices.

U8 usually hold practice once a week for 45-60 minutes. The Saturday games rotate time slots between 9:00 and 2:00 pm at John Muir and Meyerholz.

U10 usually hold practice 1-2 times a week for about 1 hour. Saturday games rotate time slots from 9:00 to 3:00. Girls scheduled to play at Wilson Park and Boys at Murdock and Sedgwick Elementary.

U12 and up usually hold 2 practices a week for 60-90 minute. Their Saturday game times rotate between 9:00 and 2:00.     The game field is usually Miller. Expect away games.

Except for U5-U6, practices start 2-4 weeks before games start. Practice times and locations are determined by the team coach.

Refund Requests:


Include player name, address, parent volunteer name and volunteer job. A $20 processing fee will apply.

No refunds requests will be accepted after 12:00 noon on Friday the day before games start.


Yahoo Groups

When you register your child - you will receive an email invitation from our AYSO64 yahoogroups coordinator inviting you to join our soccer yahoo group.  Information about the season, picture day, and other events will be sent out to all the parents. This e-group is for the entire parent community within the Region.

If you would like to request access yourself rather than waiting for an invitation - please go to   click the join button and send your name, your player’s name and division.  The e-group owner can accept you as a member right away. We get over 50 requests to join the group each month from spammers.

If you have any questions please contact:


Volunteer Jobs

Your region is run totally on volunteers. We expect you to fulfill the volunteer job that you signed up for.

If you have questions about your job please contact



Please check our calendar page if you have any questions about trainings or events schedule throughout the region.