Buddies and Printing

How to Request Buddies in same team?

There is a space on the registration form to request to be on the same team as a buddy.  Follow these simple instructions:

  • Buddies need to request each other (tell your buddy to request you too!).

  • You need to enter your request onto the registration form in WebYouthSoccer. 

  • If you need a carpool buddy,  enter carpool also  and the carpool group's connection (neighbors, after school program, etc.).

  • You need to request someone in your same age group.

  • You need to request someone who is registered or going to register for this season (no kidding!).

  • You may only request one other person, not multiple people.  

  • Not all requests can be met due to the large number of factors that go into team formation. We work very hard to achieve Balanced Teams.

When requests cannot be met, we will attempt to pair kids with players they played with in the past or players from their school.

I forgot to print registration forms for players, what do I do now?

Go back to the WebYouthSoccer.com website and log into your account. The link is: http://r64.webyouthsoccer.com/

Then select the 'Form Package' link on the left-hand side and print your forms.
(Complete your forms Before coming To Walk In Registration. No handwritten forms accepted)
Note: There are computers and printer available at registration if you were not able to print your forms.