Registration: Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Registration


You will need to REGISTER AT TWO ONLINE locations (WebYouthSoccer AND eAYSO (if new)):
  1. Register your Player or Players and Pay in WebYouthSoccer at (Print 2 copy of all forms for each Player) 
    • Register all your Players.
    • Register yourself
    • Choose a volunteer job
      • The parent form will initially ask about being a coach or referee. If you want a different volunteer job, ignore this and pick one from the longer volunteer list.
    • Print PLAYER Forms
    • Pay On-Line
  2. We use to run background checks on our volunteers (PARENTS ONLY - DO NOT PAY HERE). 
    • Go to  All PARENTS and Volunteers must register once for each Fall to Spring Season (Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 register for MY2016)
    • For NEW PARENTS, register yourself as a "New Adult Volunteer"
    • For RETURNING PARENTS - register as a "Returning Adult Volunteer
    • Be sure to click through ALL pages, ESign and Submit
    • Print PARENT VOLUNTEER form

  3.  Mail In Forms

AYSO Region 64
ATTN: Registrar
1072 S. De Anza Blvd., Suite 107A-64
San Jose, CA 95129

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Early Registration John Muir Elementary 6560 Hanover Dr, San Jose, CA 95129




$155 for U8/U10/U12
$155 for U14G/U16G/U19G
$195 for U14/16B

Special U6/U5 Fee $95

Country Lane Elementary 5140 Country Ln, San Jose, CA 95129

Feb 11 Saturday 10:30am-Noon


$155 for U8/U10/U12
$155 for U14G/U16G/U19G
$195 for U14/16B

Special U6/U5 Fee $95



Limited Time until March 3

$175 for U8/U10/U12
$175 for U14G/U16G/U19G
$215 for U14/16B

Special U6/U5 Fee $115

Late Registration

(Mail in after completion)
Send it in Fast!
Teams Fill Up!

March 4 and later

$195 for U8/U10/U12
$195 for U14G/U16G/U19G
$235 for U14/16B

U6/U5 Special Fee $135

Spring Key Information:
    • Coach, Referee, and Board training on-going (see Training Calendar).
    • Practices start in August. Practice times and locations are determined by the team coach.
    • Opening Day - August 27
    • The first day of games is Saturday March 18, 2017
    • The special U5 Boys Program is 9 Saturdays, the 10ths week is a party. Read more about it at U5 Boys Jamboree.
    • U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19 are 10 weekends of games.
    • Limited financial aid is available for those in need. (SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE)
      • Email for an online Financial Aid request
      • Print the Financial Aid form here , Print and turn in with your Player Application


To register:

Please Read and Complete all of the following steps carefully:
Save 30-40 minutes at walk-in registration by doing steps 1-10 at home.
  1. Read our Registration Agreement before you start. By proceeding you are agreeing to abide by the registration agreement. Remember to complete all the following steps -- both for your player(s) and for the volunteer(s) from your family.

  2. Fill out player application(s) for each player in the special registration entry page of WebYouthSoccer (click this link!)
    • Carefully follow all instructions within this system.
    • Include contact information for both parents - so we can reach both parents as well as the emergency contact if an emergency happens.
    • Fill out your child's height and weight - this helps us create balanced teams!
    • If you set up a new account, remember your login ID & password as you'll need it to get team information during the season.

  3. During the player registration process each family must sign up for a Regional Volunteer Job in WebYouthSoccer.
    • Please note the choice(s) you make for later reference.
    • Volunteers are critical for our region. This is an opportunity for you to be a great role model for your kids. Coaching and Refereeingare particularly rewarding -- all kids and parents look up to coaches and referees -- the Region and all parents thank you profusely. Board Members are also key and often have more flexible hours than coaching and refereeing. Coaching, Refereeing, or serving on the Board can can help you with your career -- learning new skills in a supportive environment.
    • Please note that all volunteers must also register as volunteers in eAYSO as described below. WebYouthSoccer tracks your volunteer assignment(s) but eAYSO is the official registration system for volunteers -- tracking training history and background checks.

  4. If you want your player on the same team as a friend, please read about Buddy Requests.

  5. Print the set of player forms. Note that your volunteer position prints on the player's registration form.

  6. Read, initial and sign the Kid Zone Pledge form. Remember to follow the Kid Zone Pledge at all games.

  7. All new players (who have not played in Region 64 before) must provide a photocopy of their birth certificate or passport for Date of Birth (DOB) verification. Bring this to registration or mail a copy in with a mail-in application.

  8. Prepare a check for the registration fees made payable to "AYSO Region 64". Limited financial aid is available for those in need.

  9. Apply to be a volunteer in eAYSO. We strongly urge every family to fill at least one or two volunteer positions or more. Having family members volunteer ensures a high quality program for your kids at a low player registration price. Plus, volunteering can be an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your children and be a stellar role model for them.

    For a variety of reasons, our region uses 2 independent registration systems -- WebYouthSoccer for player & volunteer management and eAYSO for volunteer background checks & training. If you are registering for the spring season and you were an eAYSO registered volunteer this past fall for Region 64, you may skip this step, otherwise...
    If this is for the fall season OR you have NOT yet registered as a volunteer for the current school year (member year) in eAYSO, do the following:
    • Using the exact name specified on each adult volunteer's Driver License, fill out a volunteer application for each volunteer in eAYSO (remember this additional login ID & password for future use -- this system is completely separate from the WebYouthSoccer system used for your player). Print 1 copy of the volunteer registration form for each volunteer. Do NOT register Region 64 players in eAYSO!
    • You must provide a social security number so AYSO can run a background check. Why? To keep kids safe!  Social security numbers are the most cost effective way to do reasonable background checks. Social security numbers are very secure in eAYSO (only 2-3 national staff can see them). For more information, please read AYSO's National Social Security Number Policy.
    • If you have trouble using eAYSO to register as a volunteer, see our detailed step-by-step Volunteer Registration Instructions.
    • All volunteers must show or provide a photocopy/picture of their Driver License or State ID for ID verification at registration.

  10. If you wish to skip the 15 minute Parent Orientation meeting that is part of registration, you must bring proof that you've successfully passed AYSO's Safe Haven course. Either bring a paper printed copy of your certificate from the course, or log into eAYSO and print your Safe Haven certification records page. To see your Safe Haven Certification in eAYSO: login to eAYSO, click "View Certifications", click "Click Here" under Certifications, click "Safe Haven" (even if you see "Certification information not available"), and finally print the page you see. If the Safe Haven Link is not clickable than eAYSO has no record of you taking the latest AYSO Safe Haven.

  11. Bring all documents -- 2 signed copies of each player registration form; photocopy of birth certificate or passport with birth date (if new to our region); 1 printed eAYSO volunteer form with photocopy of Driver License for each volunteer; signed Kid Zone pledge form; and signed check made out to "AYSO Region 64" in the amount specified below for each player -- to one of the following Walk-In registrations:

    See Table Above for Dates

    [Volunteering has its privileges: Returning HEAD Coaches, Returning Referees, and Returning Board members have special early registration privilates to avoid the lines at registration events. Returning means that you've been a board member, coach, or referee for Region 64 the previous season AND you are serving as a board member, coach, or referee for the upcoming season.]

  12. Mail in Registration Is Available AFTER THE LAST WALK IN REGISTRATION(See Schedule above), and is subject to wait list pending available spaces. Please mail your entire registration packet (WYS player form, EAYSO parent form, etc) to:
AYSO Region 64
ATTN: Registrar
1072 S. De Anza Blvd., Suite 107A-64
San Jose, CA 95129
            Make sure it includes:
      • 1 signed copies of each player registration form  that show your volunteer role (if you did not volunteer, please log back into WebYouthSoccer and pick a volunteer job);
      • Signed and initialed Kid Zone pledge form; A SIGNED CONCUSSION INFORMATION SHEET
      • Photocopy of birth certificate or passport with birth date for each player;
      • 1 printed eAYSO volunteer form and photocopy of Driver License for each volunteer; and 
      • Signed check made out to "AYSO Region 64" in the amount of $210/player.
      • INCOMPLETE PACKETS will DELAY your player registration. YOU MUST CHOOSE A VOLUNTEER job.
                  Mail-In registrations after our last in person registration are wait-listed (there is a good chance but it is not guaranteed that there will be a place for your child on a team).  Children of AYSO Board Members, Coaches and Referees are placed on teams first because they enable us to have a region and teams (without them there is no AYSO for anyone).
                    U5 and U6 players may often register right up to the first, second, or sometimes even third game of the season (although they may not be placed on a team until the following week). If your U5 or U6 child is registering after the last walk in registration, after submitting your application online, make sure you contact,, or (respectively).

                    13. Refund Policy:
                    All refunds are subject to a $20 processing fee. You must email by 12 Noon on the Friday immediately before the first game. No refunds for drop requests after 12 Noon on the Friday before the first game. Outright donations are never refundable.

                    14. After you have registered:
                    • Please join the AYSO64 parents Yahoo Group as described at AYSO64 Yahoo Groups. This allows us to send you critical time sensitive information during the season and afterwards. When you are no longer part of Region 64, you may unsubscribe by following the instructions at the bottom of every email sent to this group.
                    • Please also read After Registration.

                      Division Birthday Range Mid Week practice Game Day Game field Location
                       U5 See below None
                       Sat. time fixed: 30 min practice + 30 min game  Miller Middle School
                       U6 See below None
                       Sat. time varies: 30 min practice + 30 min game  Miller Middle School
                       U8 See below  60 ~ 75 min : 1
                       Saturday, times vary every week
                       Meyerholz / Muir
                       U10 See below  75 ~ 90 min : 1
                       Saturday, times vary every week  *Murdock / Wilson / Eisenhower/Sedgwick
                       U12 See below  90 min : 2x  Saturday, times vary every week  Miller*/ McAuliffe
                       U14 See below  90 min : 2x  Saturday (note that U14 & U16 are combined)
                      See below  90 min : 1 - 3x Sundays
                      See below  90 min : 1 - 3x  Sundays  TBD
                    Age Guide for 2016-2017 Membership Year
                    DivisionAgeBorn Between
                    U-1916-17-188/1/98 and 7/31/00
                    U-1614-158/1/00 and 7/31/02
                    U-1412-138/1/02 and 7/31/04
                    U-1210-118/1/04 and 7/31/06
                    U-108-98/1/06 and 7/31/08
                    U-86-78/1/08 and 7/31/10
                    U-658/1/10 and 7/31/11
                    U-548/1/11 and 7/31/12
                    This age guide is for games and competitions that begin on or after Aug. 1, 2016.            
                     Download this chart.

                    Game and practice field locations are documented at Fields & Games.
                    Practices start in March. Practice times and locations are determined by the team coach.
                    * For U10 and up, away games may include traveling to Cupertino, Saratoga, and Prunedale (Near Salinas), EVERGREEN, AND Downtown San Jose
                    ** PCSSL is a special select (not open registration) opportunity for AYSO players who play in the fall or spring in the regular AYSO program but also want an opportunity play at a more advanced level. PCSSL games may be played anywhere from Prunedale to South San Francisco or even further afield. PCSSL players must connect with a coach in advance to be accepted into the PCSSL program.

                    What to expect after the "Cut-Off Date" ?
                    • All applications received after February 7th are WAIT-LISTED pending space availability!
                    • After the completion of the registration process, team formation will evolve until the team rosters are finalized at Coach/Team Balance Meetings 2-4 weeks before the first game. The coaches will then contact the players and parents on their team shortly after that. Some limited team changes may continue to occur up to the first game due to extenuating circumstances.
                    Questions: For information about programs in Cupertino, West of De Anza, please visit For information about other AYSO programs in our area see the Area 2J website at

                            Spring 2016

                    Registration update: Region 64 space availability (Pre-Registration)

                     Division     Availability     Notes
                     U19 Girls    
                     U19 Boys    
                     U16 Girls    
                     U16 Boys    
                     U14 Girls    
                     U14 Boys    
                     U12 Girls    
                     U12 Boys    
                     U10 Girls    
                     U10 Boys    
                     U8 Girls    
                     U8 Boys    
                     U6 Girls    
                     U6 Boys    
                     U5 Boys Jamboree    9-10 Games Saturday Mornings, 1 Team Party last day of season

                    Thanks for choosing AYSO Region 64!  With over 1400 players each year, Region 64's soccer program is one of the best run, most popular in Northern California. For advanced players, we have Fall Extra and Spring PCSSL.

                    Our focus is Player Development, in a fun family environment.
                    • Everyone Plays! - All Players play 3 out of 4 quarters when possible (minimum of 1/2 a game)
                    • Play with Friends - Bring a buddy and play on the same team
                    • Great Value - 9-11 Games a Season for a price 1/2 or 1/4 the price of other programs
                    • Open Recreation and Competitive
                      • Open Recreation - Play multiple positions, play 3 out of 4 quarters, focus on player development
                      • Competitive - Our Select/Competitive/Extra U10/12/14 teams regularly place and win in tournaments against Club teams. Advanced players may tryout for the Competitive team.
                    Spring Season Runs March 19th – May 22nd, Games on Saturdays
                    • 4-5 Year Olds 1 Hour Each Saturday Includes Training/Practice and Game
                    • 6-9 Year Olds 1 Training/Practice on Weekday Evening, 1 Game on Saturday
                    • 10 Year Olds and Up 2 Training/Practices per week, 1 Game on Saturday
                    As a Player, your child will learn the game of soccer, teamwork, and sportsmanship. As an AYSO volunteer, you (the parent) will also learn real, practical skills you can apply at work and home.

                    For 40 years, parent volunteers have delivered our world-class program. Most of our Volunteers start with NO knowledge soccer. We Train You! It's even More Fun when you Know More and help our Players Develop

                    Our AYSO Team has large and small volunteer positions, so you will find something that fits your schedule, your skills, and your skills you want to learn. If you choose to volunteer as a Coach or Referee, you receive AYSO training and support.

                    Read Why AYSO? for more great reasons to choose AYSO Soccer

                    As a Parent Volunteer run program, we keep our fees down and program quality high.