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Everyone Plays

Everyone Plays is AYSO's second philosophy that recognizes that kids learn soccer by playing soccer. In many other programs, only the best kids get to play games and the other kids sit on the bench. This is because these other programs are focused on winning games and promoting just the top kids. AYSO is different. AYSO recognizes that kids develop at different rates and that ALL kids benefit tremendously from learning to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer.

Since AYSO wants the program to be inexpensive yet high quality, the philosophies of Open Registration and Everyone Plays also mean that parents must volunteer. Without volunteers the AYSO program will not succeed.

Parents naturally want the best for their kids. AYSO's award winning training programs help parents succeed at delivering world class your soccer programs that enrich children's lives. Parents can experience the thrill of soccer on the field with their kids as well as learn valuable life lessons that will make them better parents, employees, and managers. AYSO is a fantastic learning opportunity for everyone.