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We use the following separate systems to help run our region.

WebYouthSoccer -- The regional management system that Region 64 uses to register players, balance teams, communicate team rosters, schedule games, manage regional volunteers, evaluate players, and much more. We use WebYouthSoccer because it has many more features that help regions than eAYSO has. For help with WebYouthSoccer (login, password, etc) please contact Valerie (websupport@ayso64.org). Remember that WebYouthSoccer is completely separate from eAYSO.

eAYSO -- AYSO's national system that all AYSO volunteers (particularly coaches, referees, team managers and board members) must use to register and track their training. We use eAYSO because it is required by AYSO -- also it properly protects volunteer information like social security numbers, does automatic background checks, and is used nation-wide so your training and volunteer history is tracked regardless of where you may move. Our region currently does not use eAYSO for player registration. For help with volunteer registration in eAYSO, please contact cvpa@ayso64.org. To get your password reset, follow the instructions on http://eAYSO.org.  To get help with eAYSO call 866-588-2976 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Remember that WebYouthSoccer is completely separate from eAYSO.

How to reset your eAYSO password

You can reset your eAYSO.org account password by emailing:
  • your email address
  • your first name
  • your last name
to  EAYSOsupport@ayso.org or calling  866-588-2976 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Yahoo Groups -- An email list management and group communication system run by Yahoo. Our region uses several different Yahoo Groups. We recommend you get a Yahoo ID so you can manage how you receive emails from these groups. For help with our region Yahoo Groups contact egroup@ayso64.org.

Shutterfly Team Sites -- Shutterfly is an AYSO sponsor and has created team sites as a great alternative to Yahoo Groups for team communication.

Arbiter -- The referee scheduling system used by Area 2J (and thus also Region 64). For help, contact our Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) at rra@ayso64.org.

MySoccerLeague.com -- Used only for PCSSL (Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League) -- a select league in the spring for advanced AYSO players who don't mind traveling a bit to get to games.

Paypal - used for regular or late registration.  We have two types of accounts: Admin and Reporting.  Admin can issue partial or full re-imbursements.  There is a connection for automatic notification of payment to the webyouthsoccer site. This is turned on and off by AYSO National Accounting Program officials,  Owen Gan or Araceli Cardenas.  Tim Riley normally contacts them about this. Paypal setup details.

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