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To get info you need throughout the season:
- Visit ayso64.org
- Login to WebYouthSoccer for team info/schedules
- Like us on Facebook
- Check this email address frequently(If you prefer a different email address, change it in WebYouthSoccer)
- Put your Spouse's contact info for your children

If you have questions about your Registration Status email registrar@ayso64.org
If you have questions about the Laws of the Game or Referees email RRA@ayso64.org
If you have questions about Coaches/Coaching/Coach Training, email rca@ayso64.org
If you have problems logging into WebYouthSoccer, email websupport@ayso64.org
If you have questions about team formation, email girls@ayso64.org or boys@ayso64.org and they will direct you to appropriate Division Coordinator.
It is faster if you email the Division Coordinator directly, for example for U8 Boys, email U8boys@ayso64.org.

When will I know my Child's Team?
When is my Child's Practice?  Games?
We form teams based on the days you told us your child was available for practice during registration. If you give us accurate information on your child's availability,your child will be placed on a team quickly.If the information is inaccurate,your child will miss practices as we try to place your child on a team.

If your child's schedule changes, then login to WebYouthSoccer immediately let us the days your child CAN NOT practice.

In Spring, Coaches will contact families the 1st week of March
In Fall, Coaches start to contact families the 1st week of August

For Kids 4-5, One Hour on Saturday (Under 5 (U5) and Under 6 (U6) Divisions
For Kids 6,7 and 8 to 9 One Weekday Practice and One Saturday Game.U8 (Ages 6 and7) and U10 Divisions (Ages 8 and 9)
For Kids 10-11, 12-15, 16-18, Two Practices a Week and One Saturday Game.

YOU make AYSO better by volunteering your time and effort to our all volunteer organization.  Mark your volunteer job on your calendar.  Please reply to phone/email requests & confirm that you will show up.  This helps us plan and make sure we have staffing for events like Registration so the wait times are shorter.

Log in to WebYouthSoccer to get team information and game times under the "Parent" option on the left side of the screen after you login.

Can I request a specific coach, field, practice time, or game time?
As a volunteer organization, we have a limited number of coaches, referees and fields
We will do our best to schedule your child's practices on days that you indicated your child is available when you registered.  If you are contacted and and the practice time doesn't work, email/tell the Coach immediately.  Your player will be placed on a waiting list until he/she can be placed on a team with a schedule that works.

We can not give any one child or team a set game times on Saturday (for example morning only games) because we have to schedule about 50 games a Saturday and have all the teams play different teams each weekend. As a result, your team will often have a game on different slot.  It is not an automated process. It is a manual process and takes many hours to do.

How to I log into WebYouthSoccer?
Go to ayso64.org and login in the lower left

What is WebYouthSoccer?

In WebYouthSoccer we 
Track Player information
Volunteer commitments
Team formation
and Game schedules.
The region is organized inside WebYouthSoccer

What is eayso.org?
All parent volunteers and volunteers must register in eAYSO.org.  
We run background checks on Coaches, Referees and Team Managers and volunteers to protect everyone
We look forward to seeing you during your volunteer duty and on the field for practices and games!

Why do I have to register in two places?
We hate it too.
EAYSO.org is used for background checks for our adult volunteers  This is absolutely required so that Coaches and Referees and your kids are covered by AYSO legal and insurance at games.
WebYouthSoccer is used by us, here, in the region to register our kids/players, for you to pick your volunteer duties, for us to form teams, and to schedule games..

Thank you in advance for volunteering!

Art Zimmermann
Regional Commissioner
Region 64

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If the answer to your AYSO Region 64 question cannot be answered from the information on this website, please contact the appropriate person from the contacts list below.

If you need to reset your eAYSO.org account password, see instruction in the Systems Link.