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Recycling and Lost & Found Coordinator

This postion handles Lost & Found as well as Soccer Equipment reuse/freecycling within our region.

1) Twice a season does a light inventory and emails parents on lost and found items.
2) At the end of the season, takes any left to Hope or Goodwill.
3) Sorts through uniform donations and stores until a community volunteer requests some for a needy group.
4) Pull out recycled jerseys for those players who have lost their jersey.
5) Brings recycled cleats to WALK in registration for registering players (three times per season)
6) Shin guard sales at registration.

This Board position:
1) save the environment 
2) helps return lost items 
3) helps provide uniforms to kids throughout the world who need them

Hours: 2-3 hours per month

Training: AYSO Safe Haven

- Safe/sheltered spot on porch with boxes in a central location near Muir or Miller schools or
- May use Rosie Go's porch near Miller as the lost & found and soccer recycling center (coordinator just needs to visit it periodically)