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Website Maintenance

The AYSO64.org website is a Google Site (see Information Architecture).

To update a page, click the small "Sign in" link at the very bottom left corner of every page. Google Sites provides online editing tools that are pretty easy to learn and use (similar to most simple word processors). Google Sites are also wiki-based so every change is recorded allowing all editors to see who changed what when and also allowing infinite undo (you can restore any prior version of any page).

To gain access to update AYSO64.org, send an email to webmaster@ayso64.org with an explanation of why you need access. The webmaster will grant you access if you have a valid ongoing need to update content. If you need just a one time update, send an email with your update to the board member responsible for that area (like the Referee Admin or Coach Admin) or send an email to the webmaster if you don't know who is responsible for an area.

When updating the site, please upload files only as a last resort as files can rapidly exhaust our server space, they are harder to update, and others may not have the necessary program to view the file.

Whenever possible:
  1. convert content into a regular webpage on AYSO64.org instead of uploading a document (this is the easiest way to keep information up to date as well as see who made what changes when and allows for infinite undos);
  2. alternatively convert it to a Google doc and make aysoregion64@gmail.com the owner for the document; and
  3. only as a last resort, upload a PDF of the document along with the source file for the document.

For more tips about how to manage our online resources, see  Information Architecture.