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Photo Assets

Publicly viewable AYSO Region 64 photo assets should all be stored in AYSO Region 64's Picasa Gallery. Only the aysoregion64 Google account can upload photos but anyone can view them if that account makes the album public and they can be embedded on Region 64 web pages.

This saves space (Picasa allows 1 GB of images whereas Google Sites is currently limited to 100 MB) and allows the photos to be managed more easily. Picasa also automatically enhances photos so they look nicer.

To embed a photo from Picasa into the our website, open the desired Picasa album, open the picture, copy the URL (or location) for the photo itself by right clicking on it, then insert a new image on the Google Site side and paste in the URL to the photo (rather than uploading the photo to Google Sites).

Here is a list of the current AYSO Region 64 Albums: