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We are the AYSO Region 34 Referee Leadership Team and we're here to make your volunteer experience enjoyable, rewarding and positive. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

Regional Referee Administrator Oversees all referee activities of the region; coordinates with Area Referee Administrator and Referee Administrators of other Regions in Area 1-D Steve Diethelm
Director of Assessment Coordinates observations and assessments for all upgrades Sam Kabbani
Director of Instruction Oversees and manages all instruction-related activities of the region, including Regional Referee Classes, special training activities, etc. Steve Diethelm
Director, Referee Mentor Program Works closely with the Directors of Assessment and Instruction to coordinate all facets of the Referee Mentor Program, including recruiting, training, scheduling, and follow-up. Samer Raad
Director, Youth Referees Coordinates all activities involving youth referees, including recruiting, training, and recognition Dan Keenan
Karina Bird
Director, Women Referees Coordinates all activities involving female referees, including recruiting, training and recognition Open
Manager, Uniforms and Equipment Coordinates uniforms and equipment for all referees, including ordering, receiving, and distribution Jamie Stewart
Manager, Online Scheduling Reviews the online schedule regularly; ensures that all matches are covered by qualified referees. This includes Upper Division and Extra Matches Steve Diethelm
Database / Stats Manages the database of referee volunteer information, including current certification level of each referee Steve Diethelm
Manager, Tournament Scheduling Manages scheduling for Area and Section tournaments Steve Diethelm
Coordinator, Referee Recognition Manages recognition of our referee volunteers, including pins, special equipment, etc. Steve Diethelm
and the Ref Team