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Volunteer Information

AYSO relies almost entirely on volunteer efforts. For our region, all of our board members, referees, coaches and snack shack staff are volunteers, as well as those that maintain our facilities. Without volunteers, we would not be able to have a league. 

If you are interested in helping, you can register as a volunteer on-line at This is the same web site where on-line player registration is performed. If you do not have an eayso ID, it only takes a few moments to create one. As part of the volunteer approval process, a background check is preformed.

On the main page, click on either Apply as a new adult volunteer or Apply as a returning adult volunteer. If you are registering a youth volunteer, there are similar items to click on for them.

Please remember to provide an eSignature for the volunteer application form - this is one of the last steps of filling out the form. If you forget to eSign the form, it is possible to go back and add an eSignature. See the file attached to this web page (Volunteers Missing eSignature) for instructions. For youth volunteers, a parent must sign the Concussion Awareness form that is printed when you print a copy of the volunteer form.

Volunteers must register every year. In addition, every year all volunteers must take the Safe Haven training. For the training, once you have an eayso ID, go to - you will need your eayso ID to log in to the web site. Once you log in, you will see a section titled Safe Haven - within that section, click on START NOW. The Safe Haven course is offered in English and Spanish.

If you don't know your AYSO ID number, you can find it by logging in to In eayso, click on Print form (it will be on the right side of the web page). Once your form is displayed, you will see your AYSO ID number in the upper-right portion of it.

Volunteer Positions

Besides board members, coaches and referees, we have the need for volunteers to help with:
  • division coordinators
    • works as a liaison with the division(s) they are responsible for, relaying pertinent information to and fielding questions from the coaches in those division
  • field coordinator
    • reminding the person(s) responsible for lining the fields each week
  • snack shack servers
  • field mowing and weed-wacking
    • fields are mowed once a week, usually on Wednesday or Thursday
    • fields need to be weed-wacked every two to three weeks
  • field preparations (measuring and lining the fields)
    • fields are measured and lined prior to the start of the official matches
    • fields are relined on a weekly basis, after the fields have been mowed
  • helping with Opening Day activities
  • emptying of trash cans
  • picking up trash around the fields

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