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Spring 2019 Season

Spring soccer for our region at Manzanita Park is entirely coach-driven. Because we are a small region, we are not able to form enough teams in any division to be entirely self-contained. A large portion of our players are in baseball and soccer leagues during the Spring, which conflict with the soccer season. This requires us to play against teams from other regions, all of which are in the Bay Area. Thus, travel will be required for at least half of the games.

When is the season?

The Spring season starts in March and runs until May - the exact dates are normally determined in January. Teams start practicing in the January/February time-frame. There is more than one league for the Spring. The Cupertino, Saratoga, West San Jose and Evergreen regions of Area 2J run an Open program, similar to the Fall season, for the 08U - 12U divisions. They also run what is called Brad's League, which is for 14U/16U teams. Note that the two age divisions for Brad's League can be combined such that 14U and 16U players are mixed together if necessary. The final league is the Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League (PCSSL) for 10U - 19U teams. This league is for teams wanting to face a higher level of competition. PCSSL includes teams from Area 2J and Area 2A. Thus, games are played against teams as far away as Palo Alto.

As stated before, Spring soccer for our region is purely coach-driven. This means that the coaches select the players and invite them to play on the team and determine when they start practicing.

Who is eligible to play?

A player must be fully registered in eAYSO in order to be able to play. This means that the online preregistration form at must be completed and two copies printed and turned in, along with the fees.

Players that participated in the Fall soccer season do not need to re-register for the Spring season. However, any player that has an outstanding balance from the Fall season must pay the remainder of those fees in order to be eligible to play in the Spring season.

New players, that is, those that did not participate in the Fall season, are allowed to participate as long as they go through the registration process mentioned above. More on the player registration process can be found HERE.

Unless advertised otherwise, we do not have on-site registration dates for Spring soccer. The forms and fee payment are handled through the team coach.

What are the fees?

The fees for Spring soccer vary. For new players, the fees include AYSO and park registration fees, along with uniform and field equipment (field paint) fees. For players that participated in the Fall season, there may be uniform fees if the team decides to order new uniforms and field equipment fees. In addition, depending on which league a team participates in, there may be league fees. Any league fees must be paid by the team. For example, PCSSL does charge to participate in their league. Once it is known what a team plans to do (uniforms, league selection), the total fees per player can be calculated, with newly registered players incurring the additional cost of the AYSO and park fees.

Need more information?

If you would like more information, please see our CONTACT US page.

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