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Game Bag

Referee Game Bag, i.e. what to bring

  1. Invest in a dedicated bag. This will really make life a lot easier as you have less of a chance of dashing out the door with a missing item.
  2. Ref uniform. Consider washing your own ref uniform as soon as you get home so you know where all the various pieces are.
  3. Always bring the following to every game. Our friend and fellow ref, Paul Lindauer, has a handy mnemonic device: WW, CC, PPP:
    WW:   Whistle, Watch
    CC:   Coin, Cards
    PPP:   Pencil, Paper, Patch. Don’t’ forget, YOU, are the official scorekeeper, so make sure you write down who scored the goals and the final score
    Also, bring flags for the Assistants.
  4. Some other items to consider are sun block, ponytail ties, extra pens, an extra whistle, band aids, extra coins, gloves, red scarf to contain bleeding, the small blue and white laminated cards with the basic rules/signals.
  5. Wear black shoes. These shoes need not be soccer specific.
  6. Cold weather protection. It is perfectly ok to wear shirts, vests, etc. underneath your uniform. You can wear gloves as well, though you should be able to write with these gloves.
  7. Keep a large plastic garbage bag in your dedicated bag. If it rains you can put the ref bag inside the garbage bag to keep your stuff dry.
  8. Keep you car keys in exactly the same place in your bag. Nothing spoils a day like losing your keys.
  9. Bring your own toilet paper in case of emergency.
  10. If you have forgotten something crucial, go to the referee tent or seek out another ref.