Special Requests for players or teams


Special requests are when parents specify on their player's application that they would like their player to put on the same time as another player or on a specific team. A common example of this is for siblings. Another reason may be for ride-sharing considerations, especially for the 12U and above teams which have some away matches. Other than siblings, we can not guarantee that we can satisfy all special requests.

Special requests that will be satisfied:
  • Siblings - always specify a special request for siblings that are in the same division
  • Team head coach/assistant coach/referee - the parents of the players MUST volunteer to be either the head coach, assistant coach, or team referee. Each parent must register as a volunteer and complete the appropriate training for the role they are signing up for. The head coach must communicate with the Region what parent volunteers are to be part of his/her team. We will not honor requests for more than three families on the same team. As long as the head coach volunteer is assigned to coach a team, the league will honor the volunteer requests and the players will be placed on the same team
Other special requests are processed based on the registration dates of the players.

Special requests that may be satisfied but are not guaranteed:
  • Ride-sharing
  • 8U and below - we do try to accommodate player pairing requests for our younger divisions whenever possible.
Special requests that we can not satisfy:
  • A specific coach - other than parents volunteering to be the head coach/assistant coach/referee for the same team, we can not honor a request for a specific coach
  • Multiple special requests that affect the same set of players. For example, parents of Johnny want him to play with Freddy. The parents of Timmy want him to play with Freddy. Abe's parents want him to play with Timmy. And Nick's parents want him to play with Johnny. This would mean that Johnny, Freddy, Timmy, Abe and Nick would have to be put on the same team
For the policy regarding the handling of special requests to have a player play up or down a division click here.