Refund Policy

We understand that circumstances may change and there may come the need for a parent to withdraw their child from the current soccer season. We do have a process for parents to request registration refunds.

The player registration refund policy for our region is a tiered system. Please note that, due to National AYSO guidelines, certain portions of a player's registration fees are NOT refundable no matter when a player is withdrawn. Of the remaining fees (that is, after the $17.50 National AYSO non-refundable fee and 3% credit card fee are deducted), the amount refunded is:
  • Up to 100% - Player is withdrawn before participating in any sort of training/practices (Open Practices count) or being assigned to a team
  • Up to 50% - Player has participated in practices and been assigned to a team
  • Up to 25% - Player's team has participated in at least one match since the player was placed onto the team
  • No refund - Player's team has participated in at least two matches since the player was placed onto the team 

The refund must be requested by sending an email to, In the subject line of the email, please put: Refund request for xxxxx yyyy
(where xxxx yyyy is the name of the player, such as Sally Smith)
Include the player's date of birth as there may be multiple players with the same name.

For example:

Refund request for Sally Smith

My name is Jane Smith. I need to withdraw my daughter, Sally Smith, from the soccer league and I am requesting a refund. Her date of birth is 01/02/2001. My contact information and mailing address are below.

Thank you,
  Jane Smith

  cell phone: (831) 555-5555

  Jane Smith
  1234 Castroville Blvd.
  Prunedale, CA  93907