Drop Player Request

The Dropped Player Process

The dropped player process involves the Registrar and the Treasurer, and consists of five easy steps:

  1. The Registrar drops the player in eAYSO through the Region>Player menu.
  2. If the dropped player invoice has not yet been paid for, eAYSO will automatically issue a credit and apply it to the original invoice. However, if the invoice has been paid for, that player will show up on the Region>Treasurer>Process Dropped Player screen as "Awaiting Request for Credit."
  3. The Treasurer must then select the box next to the dropped player's name of either "Drop & No National Office Credit" or "Request for National Office Credit." For any dropped player that has practiced or played in a game, the Treasurer must select "Drop & No National Office Credit."
  4. Once all of the boxes have been selected for all dropped players, the Treasurer must click "Submit."
  5. An option will appear to print this page. This form must be signed by the RC and sent in to the National Office for a credit to be processed. Forms received at the National Office without the RC's signature will not be approved. You can send the form in to the National Office by either mailing to 19750 S. Vermont Ave., Suite 200, Torrance, CA 90502, fax to (310)-525-1155 or email a scanned copy of the form with the RC's signature to Sandra Meadows.

Remember, your Region must process all dropped players within the same membership year to receive credit. The membership year goes from Aug. 1 - July 31.