AYSO Region 256 offers additional discount opportunities in addition to the early bird registration discount. There are two other discounts currently available:
  • Sibling discount: each family is allowed one sibling discount in the amount of $10. This discount is applied by the Blue Sombrero system at the time of registration.
  • New player referral discount: a player will receive a $10 discount for each NEW player that he/she refers to join our region. A new player is defined as a player that has not previously registered with our region using either the Blue Sombrero system or the eAYSO system. The referred player must participate in at least one match. The maximum total referral discount a player can receive will be equal to their registration fee - for example, if the player took advantage of the early bird discount and registered for $100, the maximum total referral discount that player can receive is $100. The sibling discount can not be combined with the referral discount for the same new player - that is, if the sibling is receiving a $10 discount and is also a new player, the referring player will not receive a $10 discount. Referral discounts will be in the form of a reimbursement to the card used to pay for the registration of the referring player. This will occur the second half of October. To receive credit for a referral, a new field has been added to the registration process where the new player can enter the name of the player that referred them. If you forget to fill-in that field, you can go back and edit the new player's application or an email can be sent that documents the name of the referring player as well as the name of the new player that was referred. This information will be verified with the parents/guardians of both players. The email to send the referral information to is: