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Invitational Tournaments

The formation of elite teams to participate in invitational tournaments is entirely coach-driven. 
Invitational tournaments are completely different than the Area 2J and Section 2 tournaments. The Area 2J and Section 2 tournaments are solely for teams that played in the Fall recreational season and qualify to participate. For more information on the Area 2J tournament, click HERE.

Invitational tournaments are open to teams that register to play in them. There may be restrictions on which teams can participate in a particular tournament, such as only teams from a specific Section. The tournament rules need to be checked to make sure a team will be eligible to participate.

Most tournament fill-up very fast. It is recommended that teams sign up for tournaments ASAP. If you wait until the tournament is a few weeks away, you will likely be put on a wait-list due to the tournament being full. Wait-listed teams only get accepted to play if other teams ahead of them drop out. Please note that most invitation tournaments require teams to bring along a referee crew (three referees) and there is a surcharge for those teams that do not. This is handled via a referee deposit that is due when the team entrance fees are paid. The deposit is often at least $200.00.

When are the tournaments?

The AYSO "year" runs from August 1st to July 31st. The first tournament in Northern California currently is the San Bruno tournament on Thanksgiving weekend. Most of them, however, are in the Spring time.

For a list of the tournament in Northern California, see the Section 2 Tournaments list HERE. For a list of additional tournaments in California and surrounding states, see the Events section of the national AYSO web site HERE.

When are teams formed?

The formation of the teams depends on the time of year. For tournaments in the Fall, the teams will need to be formed during the Fall season. 

As stated before, the invitational teams are purely coach-driven. This means that the coaches select the players. The coach may choose to hand-pick players, or to have a tryout.

Any tryouts must not conflict with the practices or games of recreational teams.

When are practices?
The practice schedule will be up to the coach. For those tournament teams that are participating in the San Bruno Thanksgiving weekend tournament, practices will need to occur during the Fall season, However, these practices must not conflict with the game and practice schedules of the recreational teams. Normally, the tournament teams would practice on the weekend, but it could be possible to practice during the week if fields are available.

Who is eligible to play?

The coach will be forming the team. The level of play at invitational tournaments is very competitive and coaches are urged to form what equates to an "All Star" team. Taking a team that played together in the Fall recreational league IS NOT RECOMMENDED - such a team will likely loose all of their games by wide margins. Invitational tournament teams are made up of the best elite players from their regions and we will be competing against regions that have at least three-times as many total players than we do.

A player must be fully registered in eAYSO in order to be able to play. This means that the online preregistration form at must be completed and two copies printed and turned in, along with the fees.

Most tournaments are limited to players that participated in the Fall season. However, the Area 2J Presidents' Cup tournament does not have this restriction - you can use newly-registered players.

Players that participated in the Fall soccer season do not need to re-register in eAYSO in order to play in tournaments. However, any player that has an outstanding balance from the Fall season must pay the remainder of those fees in order to be eligible to play on a tournament team.

New players, that is, those that did not participate in the Fall season, and are selected to participate in the Area 2J Presidents' Cup tournament, are allowed to participate as long as they go through the registration process mentioned above. More on the player registration process can be found HERE.

Unless advertised otherwise, we do not have on-site registration dates other than for the Fall season. The forms and fee payment are handled through the team coach.

What are the fees?

The fees vary. For new players, the fees include AYSO and park registration fees, along with uniform fees. For players that participated in the Fall season, there may be uniform fees if the team decides to order new uniforms. In addition, there will be tournament fees - normally in the $400 - $500 per team range, and often a referee deposit, usually at least $200, which is refunded if the team brings a referee crew (three referees). All tournament fees must be paid by the team. Once it is known what a team plans to do (uniforms, which tournaments), the total fees per player can be calculated, with newly registered players incurring the additional cost of the AYSO and park fees.

Unless advertised otherwise, we do not have on-site registration dates for new players playing on a tournament team. The forms and fee payment are handled through the team coach.

Most tournaments require the check for the team entry fees to come from that team's region. A region check for the tournament will not be written until the cost has been covered by the team.

Need more information?

If you would like more information, please see our CONTACT US page.