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Tips on Coaching

Coaching Tips

The national AYSO web site has excellent resources for coaches. Click here -> Coaching resources.

The following videos cover the skills introduced at the 06U - 14U divisions. In every division, there may be players that need to work on basic soccer skills. For example, a 12U coach may have a player that has never played soccer before. Thus, there are skills that are introduced in the 06U - 10U divisions that the player will still need to be taught.


01 - Instep kick

U06-01 InstepKick.m4v

02 - Dribbling

U06-02 Dribbling.m4v

03 - Throw-ins

U06-03 Throwins.m4v


01 - Inside of foot push pass (no audio)

U08-01 Sidefootpass.m4v

02 - Inside of foot control (no audio)

U08-02 SideFootControl.m4v

03 - Top of thigh ball control

U08-03 ThighControl.m4v

08U/10U Goalkeeping

01 - Goalkeeper collection, Low contour catch

U08-10-01 GK Low Contour Catch.m4v

02 - Goalkeeper collection, High contour catch

U08-02 SideFootControl.m4v

03 - Goalkeeper collection, Saving a ground ball

U08-10-03 GK Ground Balls Bend and Kneel.m4v

04 - Goalkeeper collection, Waist-high saves

U08-10-04 GK Waist High Saves.m4v

05 - Goalkeeper collection, High saves

U08-10-05 GK High Saves.m4v

06 - Goalkeeper collection, Putting the ball away

U08-10-06 GK Putting Ball Away GK.m4v

07 - Goalkeeper distribution, Throws

U08-10-08 GK Throws.m4v


01 - Juggling

U10-01 Juggling.m4v

02 - Block tackles

U10-02 BlockTackles.m4v


01 - Heading (no audio)

U12-01 Heading.m4v

01 - Goalkeeper distribution, Kicks

U08-10-07 GK Volley.m4v