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Player Passes

For certain leagues, such as the Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League (PCSSL), and invitation tournaments, player passes are normally required. Each player pass will have the player's name, AYSO ID, date of birth, gender, division, region, picture and signature. The current AYSO year is also on the card. A picture of the player must be glued/taped to the card. These cards must be signed by the Regional Commissioner. They are then laminated. The PCSSL, if the cards are done early enough, the sheets can be mailed in for lamination and will then be handed out at the preseason coaches' meeting, or other arrangements can be made to pick them up. Also, places such as OfficeMax, Kinkos, Staples, and the like offer laminating service. You will need to separate the cards before they are laminated at one of those stores. If you have the cards laminated yourself, be sure to leave about a 1/4" border around the cards to allow for a good seal. The cards will then need to have a hole punched in the upper-left corner (the corner opposite the picture). You can use string or a metal ring fastener to hold the cards together. 

Attached to this web page are two PDF files. They both contain templates where the information for each player is entered. The first one, AY-CS003 ID Card, is only one page and has boxes where you fill-in the player name, AYSO ID, date of birth, gender, division, region and AYSO year. This PDF file is used in conjunction with special player pass card stock paper that is ordered from the AYSO Supply Center.

The second PDF file, Player_Cards-2sided, is two pages. The player information is entered on the second page using the Add Text feature of Adobe Reader. Set your printer to print on two sides of the paper and follow the directions. For printers with a duplexer, you only need to set the printer properties to print on both sides. For printers without a duplexer, if there is a two-sided printing option, after the first side has been printed, you will be prompted to remove the paper from the output tray and reinsert it. If your printer does not have a two-sided printing option, then print page one only. After that page has printed, remove it from the output tray and reinsert it in the input tray. Then print the second page. TIP: before printing the first side, put a small mark on either the top or bottom of the sheet of paper - this will allow you to determine how the paper will need to be reinserted in the input tray in order to print the second page on the back of it.

After downloading the template you want to use, I would recommend that you:
  • After entering the information for the first eight players, within Adobe Reader, click on File-Save As and give the file a name such as teampart1
  • Print the PDF file (as described above)
  • Exit Adobe Reader and double-click on the downloaded PDF file again. After entering the information for the (up to) next eight players, again click on File-Save As and give the file a name such as teampart2
  • Print the PDF file
  • If necessary, repeat and call that file teampart3
Note that some leagues/tournaments will also want a pass for the coaches. Please read the rules for the league/tournament very carefully.

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