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Getting the Parents Involved

For any team there are numerous roles and tasks. The best way to spread out the work is to get the parents of your players involved. We are an all volunteer organization and it does not work unless everyone helps out - more than dropping off the players/picking them up for training and bringing them to the matches. One of the first roles that coaches try to find help with is coaching - many teams have an assistant coach, or sometimes two. An equally important role is the team parent - it can be a team mom or a team dad. The team parent is responsible for assigning tasks to the other parents. For example, schedules: who is bring half-time snacks and end-of-game snacks for the season, who is helping reline the field when the team is assigned to do it, who is making sure that all of the trash is collected and put in a trash can, and so on. We have developed a Team Parent Handbook which you can find on our Team Parents webpage.