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Match Line up Cards

Coaches need to complete a line up card for each match. At a minimum, you need one for the referee. The players on the line up card should be in jersey-number order.

There are two different line up cards available. The first one is the traditional type that is filled-in by hand. You can ask for these cards at the Snack Shack.

The second one is printed by the coach. There are two options for this. The first option is to use Blue Sombrero. Log into Blue Sombrero and from the My Account page, click on HOME. On the home page, hover over TEAM CENTRAL, and then click TEAM DIRECTORY. Select the appropriate Program and Division. Scroll to the desired team and click on Team Home, and then Edit Roster. Enter the jersey number for each player in the "No." and "Order" boxes - the entry in the "Order" box is required for the line up cards to be printed in jersey-number order. When done entering jersey numbers, click on Update to save the information. Back on the TEAM DIRECTORY page, click on Print Team Line Up.

For second option used PDF files. Attached to this web page are two PDF files with a template for the card. The template has four cards that fit onto one page. When you fill in the team and player information on the first card, the information is automatically replicated onto the other three cards. There is special, perforated paper that work in conjunction with the AY-CS004P template. The special paper is blank on one side, and has the normal printing on the back. You must have a printer that can handle card stock type paper. Also, it must support the longer A4 size paper. There are normally settings you can change when you click on PRINT which allow you to change the paper size and type. As with the traditional line up cards, the card stock paper can also be obtained from the Snack Shack.

The second PDF file attached to this web page, lineupcard_2sided, has both the front and back sides of the card. Set your printer to print on two sides of the paper and follow the directions. For printers with a duplexer, you only need to set the printer properties to print on both sides. For printers without a duplexer, if there is a two-sided printing option, after the first side has been printed, you will be prompted to remove the paper from the output tray and reinsert it. If your printer does not have a two-sided printing option, then print page one only. After that page has printed, remove it from the output tray and reinsert it in the input tray. Then print the second page. TIP: before printing the first side, put a small mark on either the top or bottom of the sheet of paper - this will allow you to determine how the paper will need to be reinserted in the input tray in order to print the second page on the back of it.

The steps for printing your own cards using the card stock paper:
  • Verify that your printer can support both the card stock type paper and the A4 size paper
  • Know which way the paper must be loaded. That is, how the paper needs to be feed into your printer such that the blank side is printed on. Normally, the edge of the paper that enters the printer first is the top of the page but which side is the front can vary by the printer model
  • Fill-in the PDF template and save it under a name that reflects your team (e.g. U10G-01.PDF or Tornadoes.PDF)
  • Load the card stock paper into your printer
  • From within Adobe Reader, click on PRINT. When the print menu is displayed, change the paper type to Card Stock and the paper size to A4
    • Some printers may not have a card stock option. It may still print OK if you use the regular paper setting
    • Failure to change the paper size to A4 will produce line up cards that are smaller than what the card stock paper is perforated for - only about 80% of the page will be utilized
    • If you do not want to use the card stock paper, you can use regular paper. The line up cards will simply not have the normal printing that is on the back. However, it is much easier for the referees if card stock is used
  • If you are printing more than one sheet, change the Copies setting to reflect the number of sheets you have
    • TIP: if this is the first time you are attempting this, it is best to print one sheet first to make sure you have the correct settings and have loaded the paper correctly. Once you have verified the printed cards are fine, you can then print multiple copies
  • Click OK (or sometimes it is a button titled Print) from the print menu to print the line up cards
  • Remember to remove any unused card stock sheets from the input tray so they are not printed on by accident when the printer is used the next time for regular printing
In addition to providing the referee with a line up card, if you want some for yourself so you can also keep track of your substitutions, please use normal printer paper for the line up cards you will keep. The thick line up cards are not cheap and should only be used for the copy of the line up you give the referee.

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