12U Guidelines

The 12U division is where keepers are allowed to punt or drop-kick the ball and the build-out line is removed. The age of the players can range from 9 to 11 (10 to 11 by the end of the calendar year). It is expected that the 12U teams will train twice during the week, but it depends on the availability of the coach. Additional training days can be schedule if there is enough training space.

The field size for 12U is 85 yards by 45 yards, but our 12U field is 100 yards by 50 yards due to the location of the permanent goals. The 12U division plays 9 v 9.

Remember, it is not about wins and losses, but about developing the players. Giving the players an opportunity to become involved in the action and try different positions is the best way for players to improve their skills.

In having to plan out substitutions, this also develops the coach's ability to strategically plan out the match. After all, not only should the player improve their skills, the coaches abilities will also improve as they gain more coaching experience and handle more complex situations.

In this division, the rules are strictly enforced and yellow and red cards can be issued.

Coaches should instruct their players that when they see the keepers hands near the ball, they should stop their attack. We want to make sure that keepers are not injured. If the ball subsequently bounces away from the keeper, they can resume their attach.