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A Starting Guide For Coaches

Thank you volunteering to coach in AYSO. Without our volunteers, we would not have a league.

Here is what is required in order to coach an AYSO team:
  • Register as a volunteer: go to the web site and fill-out the volunteer form. You will need to have an email address. If you do not have an email address, it only takes a few moments to set-up a Gmail or Yahoo account. Please note that the processing of the volunteer form includes a background check.
  • As part of your volunteer registration you will select the age division and whether you want to be a coach or assistant coach (you can sign up to be both, too). Only volunteers that are designated as a coach or assistant coach are allowed to be assigned to a team.
  • Every year, all volunteers are required to take the AYSO Safe Haven training. This even includes returning volunteers that have taken the course before. The training is available through AYSOU. More information regarding online training can be found by clicking here.
  • Coaches and assistant coaches are required to take the CDC Concussion Awareness training. This course is offered online on AYSOU. This course only needs to be taken once, not every year like the Safe Haven course.
  • Coaches and assistant coaches are required to take AYSO age-appropriate coach training courses. Even if a coach has been certified at a higher level, they must be certified for the age division the are coaching for the current season. For example, if a coach has received 10U training in the past, but is now coaching a 06U team, that coach must take the 06U coach training course if they had not taken it in before. Once you have taken and passed a coach training course, you do not need to take it again. Each season the region will hold coach training courses for the 06U - 12U divisions. The online 06U - 10U training courses are on AYSOU. Coaches are encouraged to also take the in-person training courses. Note: for the 10U division, even though there is an online training course, there is also a field portion of the course that can only be taken in-person. The Regional Coach Administrator (RCA) will contact the coaches regarding the schedule for the in-person training courses. For the 14U and above divisions, contact the RCA for help determining when and where the Intermediate and Advanced training courses will be held.
Once you have completed the above you will be a fully certified coach for the age division you are coaching.