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2018 AYSO National Bylaw Changes

AYSO has adopted some bylaw changes starting with the 2017 fall season. These will be covered in more detail at a coaches' meeting. The PDF files below contains those changes as well as changes for the 2018 season. The smaller file contains a one-page description. The larger file contains a more in-depth description and explanation of the changes and how they are being implemented in Section 2, which our region is a part of. 

For our region, we do have a few modifications to the standard AYSO National rules:
  • for the 06U and 08U divisions, we will still teach the players the throw-in technique. The referee or coach will instruct the player on the proper technique prior to each throw-in. For 06U, play will continue even if the proper throw-in technique was not used. For 08U, if the proper throw-in technique was not used, play will be stopped, the referee will return the ball to the player that took the throw-in, instruct them in what they did wrong, demonstrate the proper method and allow the player to throw the ball in again. If the throw-in is again improper, allow play to continue. The defending players must be at least two yards away until the ball enters play.
  • for the 08U division, if each team has at least five players we play 5v5 and our teams do use a goalkeeper (other regions don't do this), thus the no punting/drop-kicking rule is in effect. If a player does punt/drop-kick the ball, play is stopped and the ball is returned to the goalkeeper so they can properly distribute the ball. The half-line is the build-out line which the defending team must stay behind for a goal kick or when the goalkeeper is releasing the ball. For a goal kick, the opponent may not cross the half-line until after the ball exits the penalty area. There is no off-side for 08U.
  • For 08U, the maximum number of players on a team is eight.

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