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100% Coach Trained

Get 100% of Your Coaches Trained

Now that you've finished the hard work of recruiting and registering volunteers, your focus moves to making sure volunteers are trained and certified - especially coaches.

Getting 100 percent of your coaches trained can be a challenge. RCs from around the country shared their tips on encouraging coach training and we've collected our favorites:

No training, no team. One Region combines training sessions and release of the rosters to ensure that all coaches receive their required training. "We hold the training sessions in the morning and then hand out their team rosters immediately after," shares the RC. "No training, no team. All the coaches come to the training because they want their teams."

First trained, first served.
Give teams whose coaches are fully trained the first pick of uniform colors. That will definitely inspire the procrastinators to get trained! Another RC also gives coaches who complete their training by a certain date some extra coaching gear - cones, flags, balls, etc.

Give coaches a hard deadline. If getting coaches trained in your Region is really a struggle, consider trying this RC’s approach: Every coach in the Region is required to be certified and trained by a certain date. For coaches that miss the deadline, they are “delisted” or asked to step down. This ensures that everyone coaching your Region’s kids is Safe Haven certified and properly trained for their division. The RC did make exceptions for coaches who volunteered late or were unable to attend in-person clinics. “The coach has to apply for a waiver…and commit to take the clinic at the earliest feasible opportunity.”