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16U / 18U / 19U - Madison League

Coaches, remember that the home team for the first match of the day is responsible for taking the corner flags and game balls from the snack shack storage shed out to the field and installing the flags. The Home team for the last match of the day is responsible for gathering the corner flags and game balls and returning them to the snack shack storage room.

16U/18U/19U Madison League

Play in the 16U, 18U and 19U divisions is combined between the teams from AYSO Area 2A and teams from AYSO Area 2J. Games are played on Sundays and the league ends no later than November 15th to satisfy high school eligibility requirements. In 2009, the Under-16/19 league was named after long time AYSO volunteer, James R. Madison.

The schedule is on the Area 2A website. Scroll down on the schedule page to find the 16U matches. There is also a tab on that webpage that will take you to the information regarding the fields used for the Madison League matches, which you can find here.

For the 2017 Fall season, we have a 16U co-ed team and will play against other 16U co-ed teams and 16U-B teams.

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